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Gas refineries can benefit from installing a flare gas recovery system

08.01.2010  |  Mokhatab, S.,  Gas Engineering Consultant, Vancouver, BC, CanadaVatani, A. ,  University of Tehran, IranZadakbar, O. ,  University of Tehran, Iran

Take a look at these environmental and economic paybacks

Keywords: [refining] [environment] [economics] [flare gas] [H2S]

Economic and environmental considerations increase when using flare gas recovery systems (FGRSs) to reclaim gases from flare header systems for other uses. An FGRS reduces flaring noise; thermal radiation; operating and maintenance costs; air pollution and emissions; and fuel gas and steam consumption while increasing process stability and flare tip life without any impact on the existing safety relief system. The article details installing an FGRS at the Khangiran gas refinery in Iran and how the system was involved in the reduction, recovery and reuse of flare gases. The system’s operation, design guidelines and process economics will also be covered.

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