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New Developments

04.01.2011  | 


Energy-efficient transformers for the petrochemical industry


Pacific Crest Transformers (PCT) customizes its efficient transformers for a wide range of petrochemical applications. These include hazardous, flammable or explosive environments; onshore and offshore platforms in corrosive atmospheres; special taps and voltages as required; harmonic loads from power-line carriers and variable-frequency drives; and high-pollution areas.

Available in ratings from 75 kVA to 15,000 kVA, PCT padmount, station and substation transformers are compact, as well as easy to install and maintain. Suitable for indoor and outdoor locations, they are both tamper and corrosion proof. The transformers are also compliant to NEMA and ANSI standards. Pacific Crest Transformers

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Explosion-proof transmitters for oil and gas applications


The E-10 explosion-proof transmitter is said to meet the durability and performance requirements of oil and gas pressure-monitoring applications. This pressure transmitter features an industry standard 4-20 mA two-wire or 1–5V three-wire low-power signal output, and NEMA 4X (IP 67) ingress protection. It is extremely resistant to pressure spikes, vibration and moisture intrusion.

For measurement of viscous fluids or media, the E-11 transmitter features a flush diaphragm process connection. This flat sensing surface is specifically for measuring viscous fluids or media containing solids that may clog the NPT process connection. WIKA Instrument Corp.

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NTEP-approved mass-flow solution for accurate bulk fluid measurement


The OPTIMASS 2000, a large-diameter Coriolis mass flowmeter for accurate and repeatable bulk fluid-transfer measurement, has the tried and tested OPTIMASS 1000’s twin straight-tube design. The OPTIMASS 2000 is suitable for a wide range of liquid or gas fluid applications. It is available in 4-in., 6-in. and 10-in. sizes, and flowmeter wetted parts are constructed of NACE-compliant duplex stainless steel (ANS 31803). The meter has flange ratings up to 1,500 lb and flange sizes from 4 in. to 12 in.

The CRN-approved OPTIMASS 2000 can handle process pressures to 2,200 psig (150 bar) with a stainless-steel outer cylinder that can handle burst pressures in excess of 1,500 psi (100 bar). It operates with mass flowrates from 250 lb/min (7,000 Kg/h) to 84,510 lb/min (2,300,000 Kg/h) with a measuring accuracy of 0.1%. These equate to liquid volumetric flowrates ranging from 1,000 bpd to 185,000 bpd depending on the fluid density.

Excellent density accuracy through the full operating pressure range benefits mass or volumetric custody-transfer applications. The OPTIMASS 2000 is now NTEP approved for custody-transfer use. It features the MFC300 converter and is available in a compact or remote version. KROHNE, Inc.

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Multigas detector


The lightweight, highly configurable Ventis MX4 multigas detector is available with or without an integral pump, and is compatible with iNet, Industrial Scientific’s unique Gas Detection as a Service solution. The Ventis detects one to four gases including oxygen, combustible gases (LEL or CH4), and any two of the following toxic gases: CO, H2S, NO2 and SO2.

In confined-space applications, the Ventis multigas detector can be used to draw samples from up to 100 ft with the integral pump. The gas detector alerts users in dangerous conditions through an audible alarm, ultra-bright LED visual alarms and a powerful vibrating alarm. Users can choose from a wide range of sensors, batteries, chargers and more. Among the battery options is an extended-range lithium-ion battery that enables up to 20 hours of uninterrupted personal monitoring when used with the no-pump version. Industrial Scientific

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Membrane air dryers for coordinate measurement machines


A complete line of Balston membrane air dryers is available specifically for use with coordinate measurement machines (CMMs). These dryers have reportedly proven to be the best performing dryers for the most sensitive applications. Balston CM series membrane air dryers are said to offer lower operating costs and better performance than both non-cycling and cycling refrigerant air dryers. They also eliminate downtime and costly repairs resulting from dirty, wet compressed-air supplies.

The dryers have a guaranteed dew point of 35°F and remove compressed air contaminants down to 0.01 micron in size. Balston CM series air dryers are shipped complete with prefilters, auto drains and membrane modules assembled for easy installation. The membrane module can be installed horizontally or vertically. The Filtration and Separation Division of Parker Hannifin

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Online process analyzers handle multiple samples and techniques


The ADI 2045 TI online analyzer can perform various analytical techniques simultaneously. Also available, if required, is sample preconditioning that may include sample pressure reduction, filtration and settling processes. The ADI 2045 online analyzer can be easily configured for multiple streams and samples. Corresponding sampling sequences and their priority can be freely defined, and the analyzer automatically takes care of sample selection. Analysis results are automatically transferred to the process plant control system for monitoring and process control. If desired, the ADI 2045 TI online analyzer may also be configured to directly take a specific action, such as activating a pump. Applikon Analytical, a Metrohm company

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Solution measures all pipe and manhole dimensions without confined-space entry


Operated safely from street level, the new patent-pending DiaMetrik measurement tool is said to measure manhole depth and width, plus diameter of incoming lines, to an accuracy of 0.1 in. This quick, convenient dimensional data makes it easy to configure your crawler properly. It also enables users to complete inspections in accordance with PACP, MACP and similar guidelines, and plan relining jobs.

With a collapsible 24-ft pole and articulating measurement head, the DiaMetrik tool can reach every structure requiring measurement, yet stow conveniently in the bed of a pickup truck. Powered by an industrial-grade laser, the instrument takes readings from 4 in. inside pipes to compensate for any dimensional inconsistencies at the pipe’s mouth. It presents readings on a digital display, stores the 10 most recent measurements, offloads readings to a PC, and operates on rechargeable battery power. Envirosight LLC

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Gearbox aftermarket program maximizes process uptime and reduces maintenance costs


The new Chemineer Express Gearbox Aftermarket Program is a quick-ship program that ensures Chemineer HT and HS agitator gearboxes are ready for shipment. It is said to maximize process uptime and reduce associated maintenance costs. Available through the company’s proprietary Parts Online program, the Express Gearbox Aftermarket Program combines an extensive inventory of prebuilt, stocked gearboxes backed by a dedicated network of skilled in-field and in-plant aftermarket service professionals.

Program features include an exchange credit applied toward the purchase of a new Chemineer gearbox upon the return of any existing Chemineer or competitive gearbox; repair and refurbishment of all Chemineer gearboxes, seals, shafts and impellers with OEM parts through the Chemineer Express Service Center; quick response to clients’ needs; streamlined order processing through the company’s web-based Parts Online program; and more. Chemineer, Inc.

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Regulators offer overpressure protection options for various applications


The Fisher CS800 series of direct-operated, spring-loaded regulators with overpressure protection options is claimed to provide application flexibility and installation adaptability. This makes them ideal for industrial and commercial applications needing accurate control, fast speed of response and easy maintenance.

Overpressure protection options for the CS800 series include a secondary seating surface that provides shutoff if the primary orifice seating surface becomes damaged or blocked; overpressure protection to the downstream system that relieves gas through the diaphragm assembly to atmosphere during an overpressure situation; and an increase in relief performance over basic internal relief, which lowers installation cost by reducing equipment requirements.

The regulators are available in numerous body sizes, with flanged or threaded end connections, outlet pressure settings ranging from 3.5-in. wc to 7.5 psig (9 mbar to 515 mbar), orifice sizes from ¼-in. (6.4 mm) to 1 3/8-in. (35 mm), and optional internal/external pressure registration. Emerson Process Management/Fisher.

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Unique stainless-steel fire boom controls spills


A new type of fire boom is said to be cleanable, cost effective and environmentally friendly, and has been proven in a number of diverse tests. Spill-Tain’s uniquely flexible boom design combines extremely long-lasting 316 stainless steel and automatically steam-cooled foam-glass flotation. Specially shaped, hinged panels float independently without transferring vertical loads to adjacent panels. This helps the boom to better follow short-period-wave patterns, thus improving oil containment.

This lightweight boom is a compact shape. It offers rapid deployment, is

self-righting, has automatic float extensions and connects together quickly with simple fasteners. Requiring minimum personnel, it deploys easily from a folded position on pallet, dock, deck, beach or ramp. Short boom sections may be easily transported and positioned by one person. Other features include effective containment under burn and non-burn conditions, and reliable operation—the Spill-Tain boom may be towed trailing at 25 knots without damage. It also contains burns well and continues to do so repeatedly; it is reusable after oil and burn exposure, and can be cleaned prior to being repacked and stored in a ready state for future use; the boom’s components are 100% recyclable and do not require disposal at a hazardous-waste facility. Spill-Tain, a division of MCD Technologies, Inc.

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Innovative fixed gas-detection transmitter

The Freedom 6000 gas-detection transmitter, which supports the detection of toxic and combustible gases, incorporates a universal transmitter into a fixed gas-detection system, simplifying maintenance and reducing training costs. Combining advanced sensor technology with a modular design, the system enables simple component replacements and field upgrades. A comprehensive suite of accessories allows users to customize a solution to meet any application.

In addition to the Freedom 6000 transmitter, Scott Health & Safety manufactures a full line of fixed gas-detection solutions under the Freedom series. The Freedom Direct transmitter detects combustible gases and carbon dioxide using infrared or catalytic bead sensor technologies. The detector delivers information on gas concentrations directly to a Scott controller without the need for a transmitter, reducing the cost of a point of combustible gas detection by as much as 40%. When local display is required, the Freedom Direct transmitter can be easily upgraded to the Freedom 6000 transmitter for an efficient, value-oriented detection solution. Scott Health & Safety

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Polyethylene performance upgrade for gas pipes

With the launch of BorSafe HE3492-LS-H Polyethylene, a new “PE 100” type grade for the gas market, Borealis completes its portfolio of “LS-H” grades that are identified by their very high resistance to slow crack growth. BorSafe HE3492-LS-H is available in the color orange for gas-distribution pipes, in addition to the already well-established black- and blue-colored grades—BorSafe HE3490-LS-H and HE3494-LS-H. The new grade can be extruded into a monolayer pipe or co-extruded with BorSafe HE3490-LS-H in two- and three-layer co-extruded pipes.

BorSafe HE3492-LS-H is said to meet a growing need for safety in the gas sector, where pipe failures can have serious consequences. Furthermore, its high resistance to slow crack growth allows pipe-installation companies to use the latest high-speed, lower-cost techniques, such as sandless bedding and no-dig installation, without fear of the pipe being damaged during installation or use. All BorSafe LS-H grades are classified as PE100-RC materials according to the German PAS1075 standard, a prerequisite for use with such installation methods. BorSafe HE3492-LS-H has a higher resistance to slow crack growth than BorSafe HE3492-LS, which will no longer be produced. Borealis

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Online density meters


The L-Dens 427 T Ex online density meter is accurate, compact, flexible to install and cost efficient. It completes the L-Dens 427 family of density sensors, which combines an accuracy of 1 x 10-4 g/cm3 with a compact design. The L-Dens 427 T Ex model is an explosion-proof version that accurately measures density and temperature. It automatically calculates temperature-corrected density, API gravity and various concentrations based on density. The explosion-proof rating makes it ideal for aggressive environments. Modbus, HART and 4-20 mA outputs make connection to any flow computer or PLC easy.

The L-Dens 427 family of density sensors provides ultimate flexibility. Swagelok, DIN, and ANSI connections are all available as standard, with custom-made connections also possible. It is also possible to connect to an evaluation unit, or to use a frequency output to connect directly to a flow computer. Anton Paar

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Analyzer accurately and economically measures chlorine


The new Model DCA-23 seawater dechlorination analyzer is a low-maintenance measurement solution that is said to require no chemicals to monitor seawater chlorine levels accurately in a wide range of industrial process and municipal water-treatment applications. Seawater has multiple process-industry uses, including heat-exchange systems at liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals, oil/gas refineries, electric power plants, and more. Seawater chlorination inhibits the growth of marine life on various filters, screens and heat-exchanger surfaces. However, the seawater must be dechlorinated for environmental reasons before it is discharged back into the original water supply.

The DCA-23 analyzer is a single-purpose analyzer that monitors chlorine in seawater from 0.0 ppm to 2.00 ppm. It measures the pH, temperature and total residual oxidant of seawater, and then converts them into an equivalent ppm chlorine value, which is displayed to conform with existing conventions. The analyzer features a minimum detection limit of 0.014 ppm and a limit of quantification of 0.044 ppm, making the it suitable for monitoring in environments with the most stringent dechlorination regulations. Electro-Chemical Devices

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Progressing cavity pump effectively handles high-solids content materials


The Moyno 2000 Model G3 progressing cavity pump is said to be suitable for handling semi-dry, high-solids content or caked substances. It features a series of finger mechanisms mounted on two counter-rotating shafts. Positioned above the pump's auger feed, this bridge-breaker device prevents material accumulating in the throat of the pump. The bridge breaker is independently driven for flexibility in controlling pump and bridge-breaker speed to meet specific application requirements.

The pump’s crown gear-type universal joint is reported to be the heaviest-duty drive-train configuration available in the industry. It is capable of high torsional and thrust loads. Patented joint seals protect the gear joints from pumpage contamination. The pump offers flowrates to 400 gpm and pressure capabilities to 350 psi. Moyno, Inc.

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Dual-redundant pneumatic pressure regulator safeguards operation of critical process valves

The OPD Stemsaver device is said to guard against any failure of the filter-regulator that controls compressed air-system pressure by providing dual-redundant over-pressure protection. It ensures that any downstream actuators for controlling process valves cannot be accidentally exposed to dangerous over-pressures. The device is claimed to be an industry first, and it provides a high-integrity safeguard against a failure mechanism that could lead to a costly process shutdown or injury.

As standard, the OPD Stemsaver device can be set to regulate pressure in the 4–8 bar (58–116 psi) range. The device is supplied as a single compact unit, fabricated in 316 stainless steel. It meets the anti-corrosion requirements of environments such as offshore platforms and process plants handling harsh media. In use, the secondary regulator is set to operate at a slightly higher pressure than the primary regulator. If the secondary regulator is activated, a reset button also automatically pops up. This can be linked to a proximity switch to provide feedback to the plant's distributed control system. Midland-ACS—part of the ITT Flow Cotnrol business

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No-moving-parts flow switches for OEM applications


The new FS-600 series is a robust flow switch made from durable stainless steel that works with both conductive and non-conductive fluids. Suitable for fluids with large particles and slurries, the solid-state sensor is immune to changes in viscosity. With the use of thermal dispersion technology, the FS-600 series will reportedly provide years of dependable worry-free service even in applications without filtration.

The FS-600 series is available in various housings to suit pipe sizes for flowrates from .1 gpm to 10 gpm. The straight-through switch is designed for a long life; can be mounted in any orientation; and can be customized with any set point, based on specific user applications. Gems Sensors & Controls

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Advanced measurement system combines gas and liquids

FLOWCAL Enterprise version 8 advanced measurement system incorporates liquid and gas measurements in a single consolidated system. Its added liquid-measurement functionality automates the validation process for batch and ticketing in an Enterprise-level liquid application. This allows importing and storage of hourly data. It also reports batch totals, validates data on import and edit, schedules batches, and applies up-to-date liquid analysis while maintaining an audit trail that meets API 21.2 requirements.

Enterprise version 8 includes an extended analysis (handling over 200 components), plus the ability to edit liquid data at an hourly, daily or monthly basis, or on a batch-level basis. The “systems” function combines numerous measurement areas into a single database, allowing creation of multiple secure environments with independent configuration in the same database. Additionally, with the combined gas and liquid functionality, users can perform a complete and comprehensive system balance. Flow-Cal, Inc.

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Coating technology ensures maximum operational reliability for compressor seals


Innovative DiamondFaces coating, as used on liquid-lubricated seals, is said to have an excellent track record even under extreme conditions. This technology has now been enhanced for use on the broad silicon-carbide seal faces on compressor seals. Designed primarily for non-contact operation, contact for sustained periods can make the sliding faces of DGS seals subject to wear. This can ultimately damage the sealing faces, causing seal failure, which, in turn, leads to compressor downtime.

Operational performance is now achieved by depositing a fully continuous layer of crystalline diamond with a precisely defined thickness on the structured mating surfaces of gas seals. The chemical bond between the diamond and the silicon carbide creates an extremely rugged coating that does not impair the lift-off capabilities of the seal faces. This reduces the risk of compressor seal damage or failure during turning, ratcheting, frequent coast-down intervals or sub-optimal compressor-operating conditions. EagleBurgmann Germany GmbH & Co. KG

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Remote gas-detection system provides additional layer of plant protection


The new, advanced Second Sight TC remote gas-detection system uses high-resolution infrared (IR) imaging to add another layer of safety to detect combustible and toxic gases in petrochemical production, refining, storage and distribution operations. The system, developed by Bertin Technologies, is a gross leak detector that is said to simultaneously detect up to four different gases. It features a wide field of view (30° standard) and a maximum detection range of 2 km for continuous monitoring of critical areas. Detection sensitivities are verified for quantities of hydrocarbon gas of approximately 2 kg at 250 m.

In addition, the Second Sight system can be integrated into fire and gas panels through Ethernet and Modbus TCP/IP. Its human machine interface permits users to see target gases in real time as they are detected by the IR camera. A video image displays overlaid levels of gas concentrations to provide a unique picture of gas dispersal. The system’s long-wave IR camera has a spectral range of 8–14 µm (IR) at a spatial resolution of 384 x 272 pixels; a standard maximum range of 3,281 ft (1,000 m); and an optional range of up to 6,562 ft (2,000 m). General Monitors

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