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Phillips 66 licenses technology to Reliance for India gasification project

05.21.2012  | 

The planned gasification plants at the massive refining complex in Jamnagar will process petroleum coke and coal into synthesis gas for use as chemical feedstock.


Phillips 66 has agreed to license its E-Gas technology to Reliance Industries for its planned gasification plants at Jamnagar, India, officials said on Monday.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Reliance's Jamnagar site is the largest refining complex in the world, with an aggregate refining capacity of 1.3 million bpd.

The planned gasification plants at Jamnagar will be among the largest in the world and will process petroleum coke and coal into synthesis gas utilizing the E-Gas technology, the company says.

The synthesis gas will be used as feedstock for a new chemical complex and will fuel the refinery's existing gas turbine power generation units.

“We look forward to this opportunity to work with Reliance on the largest gasification project in the world,” said Rex Bennett, president of specialties and business development at Phillips 66.

“Our E-Gas technology will be used to turn petcoke and coal into clean, reliable energy for Reliance’s refinery and petrochemical plant operations.”

Phillips 66, the downstream spinoff of ConocoPhillips, will also provide process engineering design and technical support relating to the gasification technology process area, it said.

The E-Gas technology has been utilized in commercial applications since 1987, Phillips 66 said.

It incorporates a gasification system design that can be applied with gas and steam turbine combined-cycle power generation to produce electric power, as well as synthesis gas applications for the production of hydrogen, chemicals or substitute natural gas in flexible combinations.

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Rajnikant Patel

How much it is economical if we generate power through syngas firing in present synario in India ?


Jaime Bárcena

I order to incorporate a gasification system design that can be applied with gas and steam turbine combined-cycle power generation to produce electric power, How do you solve the poor "lower heat value" of synthesis gas compared to natural gas which serves as flow model to design gas turbines pattern. Therefore with syn-gas we have to handle higher volumes than wit natural gas; which surely it will produce lower thermodynamic efficiency behavior in the gas turbine. To overcome such performance, what Philips66 recommends for??. For that I consider to work with higher pressure ratio, but syn-gas should be pressurized ...

I will appreciate your response indeed

Have a nice questions & answers there


We have a question. Do your Technology (E-Gas Tech) can be applied directly for vacuum residue ?. Because Petroleum coke is valuable materials for Aluminum industries except coal. Petroleum coke made from vacuum residue. The technology convert coal to gas or liquid as we known from SASOL. Does your technology different with them?

Muhammad Arif

Respected sir,

I am a Chemical Associate Engineer and recently work with Oil & Gas processing plant (Sulpher Recovery plant, LPG Plant and Gas Purification Plant) as a Senior plant Operator. I am very interested to work with Oil & Gas Industries so that i applying to your organization If you give me chance I shell be very thankful to you of this kindness.

My object is to work with Oil & Gas organization witch can provide challenging worked environment. I can prove and improve my professional skills. I am certain that a personal interview would more fully reveal my desire and ability to contribute to your organization.

My total experience is 6 years as plant operator in oil & gas plant.

Kind Regards,

Muhammad Arif

A S Sahney

I was wondering how this process is different from the Lurgi, Shell or KBR processes. What is the mechanism for containment of 'S' and 'N2' impurities, prior to feeding the gasified fuel to GT and other downstream applications.


Would like to know the balance between E-Gas generation capability and the product of Petro-Coke output of the refinery, keeping in mind the use of different type of input with different amount of Petro-Coke generation.

hou kaifeng

If it is successful, it will be the first plant to be built in refinery to produce hydrogen. It is very economy to get clean and low-cost hydrogen for a refinery. Hope to get more information from this technology and the project.


Would like to know the followings from Phillips 66:

1) If there is no Coal available near by, Can this technology be applied just to Petroleum Coke (Delayed Coker's Bottiom) only?
2) What chemicals can be produced economically from Pet Coke Syngas?


I feel 'E-Gas' could be the transition technology in the path of Human quest for sustainable Energy.

barnacle bill

So how does the energy used to produce say methane compare to mining and burning coal? will this just add more Green house gases to a warming world?

Madhurima Gupta

It is good that this technology is being adopted for cleaner environment. The article however does not give more details about technology, products etc. Details would really be helpful.

Jayant Kaushik

This is truly a remarkable step taken by RIL in processing heavy crude oil to zero residue conversion. Article does not describe the downstream chemicals and their quantities the plant will produce. This information would have been very useful. Will they stop at Hydrogen, ammonia, urea and methanol or will it be MTO and other value added derivatives as well, This would be interesting to know.

G.S.Dang, Consultant

Reliance has taken lead among Indian refineries to put up gasification plant and surely it will be big success. With excess refining capacity in India other refining companies need to adopt gasification to produce much needed clean fuels, Hydrogen , petrochemicls and for power generation.

Gerard Janssen

It is a good artikel, which gives information about the
application of a existing technology in a new world
but it does not give information about the figures
Thank You

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