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Enhance operation and reliability of dividing-wall columns

05.01.2013  |  Lee, J. W.,  LG Chem, Ltd., Daejeon, South KoreaLee, M.,  Yeungnam University, Gyongsan, South KoreaShin, J.,  LG Chem., Daejeon, KoreaLee, S.,  LG Chem Ltd., Daejeon, South KoreaLee, B. ,  AMT Pacific Co. Ltd., Seoul, South Korea

Keywords: [distillation] [columns] [trays] [columns] [reboiler] [reflux] [olefins]

Dividing wall columns (DWCs) are an attractive option when the goals are to reduce energy consumption and capital investment for distillation processes. A major component in a DWC system is the reflux splitter, which separates the liquid products from the column overhead into two liquid streams: one to the prefractionation section and the other to the main column section of the DWC. A more reliable reflux-splitting system stabilizes the entire column, thus minimizing unit/process downtime. Several novel developments for a reflux-splitting system can improve the operation and reliability of DWCs.

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I just saw: it should have read: HP December 2011.


The reference 2 refers to HP June 2011, but in that issue no article on Divided wall columns appears, nor is there any article on pp.59 and 60.

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