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Can process automation increase energy efficiency?

06.01.2013  |  Bonavita, N.,  ABB, Genova, Italy

Energy efficiency doesn’t imply producing less to reduce energy consumptions, but rather improving plant productivity and effectiveness, allowing plants to produce the same amount of product with fewer resources.

Keywords: [control system] [automation] [process control] [spare parts] [legacy systems]

Energy efficiency is a fundamental element in the journey toward a sustainable energy future. As global energy demand continues to grow to meet the needs and aspirations of people across the globe, actions to increase energy efficiency are essential.

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Jaime Barcena

Everybody but overall engineers must know that plant o process management starts up with field instrumentation that is the first step to issue a varaiable (T, P, V,d) measurement to apply some value control over them. Such measure shall be in order to get the higher benefit from the industrial resource involved performance.

Therefore everythig of the control and automation resources and devices developed for such activity has been in such managment direction to imply a managment method resource to produce the improvment o benefits in the process or plant control for better economyical profits that were described in the realted issuance form HPI magazine indeed

The paramount goal of Distrbuted Control sistems, Remote control like SCADA or somtething like that is to get the best point values for variable setup in order to obteing the higher profits & not only for sophisticate the process or plant operation assets indeed ...

Such kind of principles has been recomended to optimize eneergy efficiency in the related isssuance.which aplies in the whole scope of industrial and process industrial environment management.

Carlos Alberto Ortega

Congratulation because of the articly, about saving energy consumption in the process of "sour gas treatment" ,I 've been patented a process were energy consumption and salts effluents obtained closed a virtuous circle with minimun energy and salts obtained abble to comercialise.
In spite of that, I´ve very little chance to apply my versátil and profitable process because in my country is to heavy to apply the process mentioned above.
The new process have only two practical experience wich are the following:
Sour gas treatment: 100,000 SM3D with SH2 plus mercaptans1050 ppm, require 6 Kwh and 160 kgrs/day of scavenger consumption, tested de treatment from year 2005 to present with a labor factos 0,98 annually.
Recently a Sour gas treatment: 30,000 SM3D with CO2 15 % and SH2 70 ppm were resolve applying 4 KW-h and 1,100 kgrs scavenger consumption but obtaining nearly 3,500 kgrs per day of "SODA ASH".
Both flow of "Sweet Gas"" obtained are abble to transport for family an industrial consumption.

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