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New Developments

08.01.2014  |  Meche, Helen,  Hydrocarbon Processing Staff, Houston, TX


Electromechanical switches certified worldwide to meet demanding requirements


The vibration-resistant 316 stainless steel 12 Series switch meets the requirements of hazardous-area applications worldwide, as evidenced by its UL, cUL, ‟dual seal.” It also complies with ANSI/ISA 12.27.01, regarding secondary-seal requirements for sealing between electrical systems and flammable or combustible process fluids. The ‟dual seal,” designed as an integral safety measure, eliminates the cost and labor of connecting an external secondary seal between the process and electrical system for safety.

All metal wetted parts comply with NACE MR-0175, and the 316 stainless-steel enclosure is certified to an IP66 rating for long-term performance in the harshest environments.

The 12 Series switch has a Belleville spring assembly at its heart. This small conical washer snaps over when pressure is applied and snaps back upon pressure release, providing setpoint stability and vibration resistance, along with repeatability and performance life.

The versatile electromechanical 120 Series Division 1/Zone 1 pressure and temperature switch performs critical safety, alarm and shutdown functions. Worldwide certifications include North America (cULus), Europe (ATEX, CE and IECEx), Russia (GOST) and more. Serving as its own junction box, this switch allows electrical termination via a terminal block inside the explosion-proof enclosure. Various process connections and wetted materials, including NACE MR-0175-compliant sensors, meet most application requirements. United Electric Controls

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High-efficiency stainless-steel condensate recovery units


Amarinth’s range of smaller condensate recovery units (CRUs) is optimized for light industrial use to complement its existing range of heavy-duty intelligent CRUs. The smaller CRUs are manufactured from stainless steel instead of the more traditional galvanized steel, but cost the same as the existing products. An effective CRU is a proven way to reduce energy costs, collecting hot condensate from the steam system and returning it back to the boiler plant to be used as boiler feed. Using innovative technology, the smaller, lighter CRUs return condensate back to the system more frequently.

High-efficiency, multistage motors, along with motor design and control system improvements, allow the CRUs to cycle on/off by an increased factor of four over traditional designs. The new motors and control systems have also enabled Amarinth to rationalize the range to just three units, making the CRU selection process easier. The units are available immediately in simplex or duplex stainless steel to suit the application. Amarinth Ltd.

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SCADA software goes mobile

Version 7.3 of Siemens’ Simatic WinCC supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) software has more functions and offers an additional Simatic WinCC/WebUX V7.3 option package for mobile applications. The software focuses on making engineering easier. The configuration studio now supports the central configuration of process data, messages, archiving and user management, as well as texts in any language. Communication options to current Simatic S7-1500 controllers have also been extended.

The option package for mobile applications enables access at any time to plant information using Internet-based and mobile devices. Automation data can be accessed from any location and adapted precisely to meet individual needs. Configuration of the HTML5 Web pages is carried out with WinCC Designer. No special training is required for the WinCC application designer. Innovative maintenance concepts, tasks for operations control or plant performance metrics can be made available in this way at any location, regardless of the platform.

Simatic WinCC/WebUX V7.3 is independent of any platform or browser and does not require client installation. For secure communication, https and SSL are implemented via Web standards (HTML5, SVG). User management is integrated in WinCC. The licensing model is scaled according to the required functional scope and number of users. Simatic WinCC V7.3 already includes a license for WebUX access for monitoring purposes. Siemens Industry Automation Division

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Partnership challenges traditional sensing with HP process technologies


Servomex has joined forces with H2scan to provide complete light hydrocarbon measurement and analytical solutions to its hydrocarbon processing (HP) and natural gas (NG) clients. The partnership completes Servomex’s multicomponent light-hydrocarbon analyzer and gas chromatograph (GC) alternative, the SERVOTOUGH SpectraScan. It provides a more robust and reliable measurement of hydrogen in hydrocarbon gases, using an alternative technology to traditional thermal conductivity sensors. H2scan’s hydrogen-specific sensing system can detect hydrogen against virtually any background gases without false readings or the requirement of support equipment.

The H2scan patented ‟Chip on a flex” technology is said to provide a more direct hydrogen measurement than any thermal conductivity sensor, making it a natural collaborative partner for the SpectraScan ‟Tunable Filter Spectroscopy” optical sensor. As an out-of-the-box solution, the H2scan is easily configurable alongside the SpectraScan.

Additional benefits include low cost of ownership, low maintenance, real-time operation, longer calibration intervals, simple system integration and installation, and tolerance to harsh background contaminants. Servomex Group Ltd.

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Software for machines and embedded systems improves manufacturing performance


Schneider Electric’s powerful new human machine interface (HMI) software has been released as part of its Wonderware InTouch portfolio. Designed to run with modest hardware requirements and operable on embedded versions of Microsoft Windows operating systems, InTouch Machine Edition software is tailored to meet the needs of end users, original equipment manufacturers, and machine and system builders, while giving them scalability and tight integration with the Wonderware Historian and Wonderware System Platform. Because it can directly connect to industrial data sources, the new software enables users to access the information they need to improve plant operations and lower total cost of ownership in real time.

InTouch Machine Edition software’s comprehensive features make it easier for users to integrate their information and automation systems. For example, it can directly replace a traditional panel-computer HMI while providing the functionality normally found in larger PC-based HMI systems; it offers more than 240 native communication drivers with connectivity to almost any control hardware; and its rich visualization, scripting, security, alarming, trending and recipe management functionality empowers plant operators to make better business decisions using real-time data. Additionally, customers in regulated industries will benefit from features that are powerful enough to be used as part of a 21 CFR Part 11 compliant solution. Schneider Electric

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Savings achievable in component manufacture with optimized hollow bar material


Sandvik Sanmac duplex stainless steel bar and hollow bar offer increased productivity, while reducing waste and operational costs, cutting component production expenses. Available in a range of material grades, they offer reduced tool wear and increased cutting speeds, resulting from Sandvik’s material research and development. For example, in machining trials using Sanmac duplex stainless steel hollow bar for valve component manufacture, customers have reportedly achieved increases of over 200% in machining productivity, along with associated cost savings and longer tool life.

Sandvik advanced material grades are available in the form of billet, bar, rod and angle. Material grades can be supplied for various components for energy, oil and gas, engineering and other applications. Sandvik can advise customers not only on the most suitable material grade for a given application, but also on the best form of delivery.

Additionally, Sandvik’s bar converter program enables users to estimate the potential savings available by switching to Sanmac hollow bar. It calculates the savings achievable by eliminating machining operations when switching from solid stainless bar. The program can be downloaded from the App Store. Sandvik Materials Technology

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Monitor detects and measures very small dust particles



The model DT450G dust monitor works off of the principle of inductive electrification to detect dust or particulate matter. This probe provides a highly sensitive measurement and can detect particles as small as 0.3 µm. Using inductive electrification enables detection of not only particles that make contact with the probe, but also particles that pass by the probe. The signal generated by these particles is processed by advanced noise-filtering algorithms, resulting in accurate dust measurement.

The DT450G monitor is said to be ideal for trend monitoring on the outlet of filters or cyclones to gauge performance, and for indicating the level of change for particulate emissions. Trend level changes can be used to adjust process settings or to help identify filtration problems.

The measurement range can be set through a one-touch operation in response to process conditions. Other features include automatic drift compensation, air purging to prevent condensate accumulation at connection points, maintenance-free operation over long periods, a wide range of applications and simple operation, applicable for process temperatures up to 250°C (482°F) and pressures up to 200 kPa (29 psi), and more. Yokogawa Corp. of America

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Material is improved replacement for stainless steel


HAM-LET’s PuRight material is said to be an enhanced version of 316L stainless steel. It offers lower inclusion content, low carbon content for enhanced welding, low sulfur content for enhanced electro-polishing and better corrosion resistance, achieved by modifying chromium (Cr), molybdenum and nickel elements.

PuRight material is compatible with the SEMI-F20 standard, as well as with ASTM-A276 and ASTM-A479/ASME SA479 standards. The new product features superior resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion—especially in the presence of free-chloride (Cl-) ions—and demonstrates improved performance in strongly oxidizing acid media.

According to the manufacturer, the alloy has a clear advantage in use for pressure or flow control devices, such as valves and fittings. With its excellent welding characteristics and high cast pin tear (CPT) values, along with high ratios of Cr/iron (Fe) and Cr oxide (Ox)/FeOx, PuRight material should prove attractive to manufacturers of ultra-high-purity products.

In addition, HAM-LET’s new Ultra Fast (UF) diaphragm valve, for atomic layer deposition and fast switching applications, has a unique flow-adjustment mechanism (patent-pending number US 61/910,79) that allows flow tuning during operation. The valve is durable and low maintenance, offering over 100 million lifecycles. The UF diaphragm valve’s optional extended bonnet and cooling fin provide precise and repeatable performance in high-temperature applications. HAM-LET Group

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Pressure transducers feature improved chemical compatibility and temperature range


With their PVC housing, PT-503 submersible pressure transducers are said to deliver long life and reliable operation in environments with regular and prolonged exposure to harsh and potentially corrosive chemicals—even at temperatures from –30ºF to 130ºF and depths to 450 ft. These pressure transducers also feature temperature compensation and built-in lightning protection, and they are quickly and easily zeroed in the field.

PT-503 pressure transducer options and features include 4-20 mA, Modbus, 0 VDC–5 VDC and mV/V outputs; three cable options—Hytrel, PVC and urethane; a Teflon-coated or ceramic transducer face; and a breathable hydrophobic vent tube cap that filters out moisture. Automation Products Group, Inc. (APG)

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Overfill prevention system makes safety a priority during loading of fuel tankers

Emco Wheaton’s overfill system is said to prevent product overflows of fuel tankers during loading, ensuring that safety is of the utmost importance. The F2020 overfill sensor uses electronic signals to prevent product overflows of tanker compartments, thus guaranteeing that valuable fluid is not lost.

Designed for tankers of up to eight compartments, the system attaches to the terminal controls through a plug and socket connection. When an overfill is detected, the system will override and shut down the terminal pump and metering equipment filling the tanker compartment.

The overfill protection system has ISO 9000/2000 approval and is manufactured in compliance with EN13922 and the European ATEX directive. The sensor and related equipment form a vital part of the Emco Wheaton equipment range for the builders and operators of road tankers. All components are designed to operate reliably in hazardous conditions, ensuring that liquid is delivered without spillage or contamination, at all times protecting the driver and the environment. Emco Wheaton

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Large AC induction motor line for high-torque industrial applications


Baldor Electric Co. offers a new line of energy-efficient electric motors. Its large AC–GPM induction motor is available up to 1,500 hp. The motors are available in stock ratings of 250 hp–1,000 hp, 2,300 Volt (V)/4,000 V, totally enclosed fan-cooled (TEFC), foot-mounted designs. Custom motors are available in 250 hp–1,500 hp, 460 V, 575 V, 2,300 V/400 V, TEFC, foot-mounted designs.

The GPM product line of large AC motors fits various industrial applications including pumps, fans, conveyors and compressors requiring high torque. Stock GPM motors include all cast-iron construction, drive end slingers, insulated opposite drive end bearings, winding resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), space heaters, provisions for bearing RTDs and a ground lug in the conduit box. The entire product line is suitable for use on variable-frequency drives. Baldor Electric Co.

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Sensor shows conductivity and temperature at a glance


The latest sensor addition to Baumer’s CombiSeries, the CombiLyz, was developed for precise analysis and differentiation of media in water-treatment technology and other applications. The sensor features the compact CombiSeries housing. With its IP 69 K protection class and entirely stainless-steel design, the hygienic version can withstand even the toughest conditions. The CombiLyz offers a selection of 14 measuring ranges from 500 µS/cm to 1,000 mS/cm, and accurate measurement results, with a maximum deviation of < 1%. It also boasts a fast response time of less than 0.3 seconds for conductivity measurements and less than 15 seconds for temperature measurements.

The standard version includes the proven CombiView display, which can display multiple process variables simultaneously. This includes the concentration, temperature, current output, switching states and device status, in addition to conductivity. The large display also means that users can read the measured values even from greater distances. Its background color works like a traffic light system (red/green), depending on whether measurement results have reached a critical value that requires user intervention. Settings can be changed easily, using the touch-screen display, even while the process is running. The Baumer Group

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Calibrator with single-layer interface for ease of use


The JOFRA ASC-400 calibrator’s intuitive, single-layer interface allows technicians to use as many as 11 different functions without referring to documentation. It has a high-contrast, full-color screen and full numeric keyboard, and is compact enough to fit into a tool box and operate with one hand. The instrument provides laboratory accuracy for field calibration, process monitoring and maintenance functions.

The calibrator meets the calibration demands of modern sensors and transmitters for numerous functions in process control, systems engineering and maintenance. It is capable of sourcing with simultaneous read-back from device-under-test of mA, V, pulsed transmitters, pressure and temperature. The JOFRA ASC-400 calibrator easily performs automatic switch test, leak test, scaling and online % error calculation functions. Additionally, it performs fast resistance temperature detector simulation, works with pulsed transmitters and PLCs, and can be used as a high-accuracy thermometer.

When paired with new CPF Series pressure modules from AMETEK Crystal Engineering, the ASC-400 calibrator be­comes a true pressure calibrator. It achieves accuracies down to 0.025% of reading, unaffected by temperatures ranging from −10°C to 50°C. The calibrator offers simultaneous input and output, which makes it possible to calibrate and adjust a transmitter with no need for additional equip­ment. AMETEK Test & Calibration Instruments

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Training and technical guidance on petroleum measurement

Measuring the quantity and quality of petroleum and its products is vital for accurate allocation, custody transfer and fiscal purposes, stock control and loss prevention. The Energy Institute’s (EI’s) Hydrocarbon Management Committee (HMC) has developed new online training and good-practice guidance to support greater understanding in this field. This new resource, Online Training for Hydrocarbon Management, has been designed to improve knowledge of these issues across various parts of the industry.
The training is broken down into a series of modules to introduce the key elements of hydrocarbon management to those who are relatively new to the topic or who simply wish to refresh their knowledge. This project has been devised by the EI’s HMC, in conjunction with IDESS Interactive Technologies Inc. and SGS. The first two modules in the training resource are now available:

  • Petroleum Measurement (for marine cargo inspection) covers marine cargo measurements and matches the requirements of the International Federation of Inspection Agencies Inspector Certification Program. This includes the safety, sampling, testing and calculation procedures associated with hydrocarbon management.
  • Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Operations (sea transport) provides a solid background to those involved in handling marine LNG cargoes, covering product properties and measurements, as well as vessel operations, and load and discharge procedures.

HMC guidance covers all aspects of petroleum measurement. Other recent EI technical publications cover general terms and conditions for the sale and purchase of crude oil, the cleaning of tanks in marine tank vessels carrying petroleum or refined products, and the procedures for cargo inspections for crude oil, products and liquefied petroleum gas.

The Energy Institute

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Portable mass flowmeters deliver high accuracy in the field


Alicat Scientific, Inc.’s rechargeable, portable gas mass flowmeters offer 18 hours of continuous operation on a single charge and ± 0.8% of reading accuracy. These handheld meters bring laboratory-class accuracy to field flow verification and validation applications in the environmental, manufacturing and other industries.

The flowmeters provide fast flow validation with multi-parameter measurement, wide operating ranges and multiple true gas calibrations. With no moving parts and no warm-up time requirement, they are indispensable for field technicians who require fast and durable flow measurement.

Alicat’s mass flowmeters feature fast 5-ms meter speeds and live readouts of mass and volumetric flowrates, pressure and temperature. They are applicable for validation of environmental analyzers, verification of flowrates in industrial manufacturing and field flow calibration as a secondary transfer standard. All Alicat instruments are backed by NIST-traceable calibration, comprehensive technical support and a lifetime warranty. Alicat Scientific, Inc.

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High-grade process cooler for demanding industrial applications


Luvata’s high-grade process cooler (HGPC) offers flexibility in material choices and customization to meet the requirements of installations, such as emergency and standby generator sets for offshore platforms and reactor cooling plants. Developed specifically for projects where site ambient conditions are harshest and material choice matters, every HGPC is customized to meet customers’ exact specifications. The HGPC can be equipped with one fan, or up to 56 fans, depending on the cooler size and other variables, such as power-supply voltage, frequency variations, sound level, power consumptions and speed regulation.

Luvata’s computer software, COILS, allows clients to select and size the correct cooler for the corresponding installation. By moving the software’s new slider feature, data will change in accordance with the changed fan speed. Based on various factors such as cooling capacity, cooler size, number of fans, tube row and environmental conditions, the software is used to further improve the cooler design. Luvata

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Multipurpose lubricant for extreme high-temperature applications


Klübertemp GR AR 555 is a multipurpose lubricant offering corrosion protection and high-evaporation stability. Developed for high-temperature applications (up to 250°C) and applications exposed to aggressive media, Klübertemp GR AR 555 is a white, homogeneous long-term grease based on a perfluorinated polyether (PFPE) oil and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE). The product is NSF H1 registered. Common applications include pillow blocks/bearings, seals, rotary joints and ball-bearing chains, as well as circulating fan bearings. Lubricants based on PFPE and PTFE are inert and generally regarded as neutral toward most elastomers and plastics. Klüber Lubrication North America L.P.

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Ethernet switch meets IEC requirements for electrical substation automation


Moxa’s PowerTrans PT-7528 Series is said to be the world‛s first Ethernet switches with market management system data modeling to fulfill the requirements of the IEC 61850-90-4 standard outlining network engineering guidelines for communication networks and systems in substations. Support for IEC 61850-90-4 means that Moxa PT-7528 Ethernet switches can be controlled, monitored and managed via a power supervisory control and data acquisition system. Plus, it eliminates the need for additional network management software.

By incorporating Moxa Noise Guard technology, the PT-7528 Series is not only compliant with IEC 61850, but its EMC immunity also exceeds IEEE 1613 Class 2 standards to ensure zero packet loss while transmitting at wire speed. For additional reliability, it also features critical packet prioritization (GOOSE, SMVs and PTP) with IEC 61850 QoS. To detect substation errors faster, the switch offers Fiber Check, a digital diagnostic monitoring tool for fiber diagnostics.

The PT-7528 Series includes a wide range of models to provide multi-type port configurations. Its modular design makes network planning easy, and allows greater flexibility by permitting installation of up to four modular fiber ports and 24 fixed 10/100BaseT(X) RJ45 ports. Moxa Americas Inc.

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