Custom Article Reprints Request

Custom Printed Article Reprint
Requesting a quote to print an overrun/reprint of an article which has been published in our magazine.
Custom Internet Article Postings
Requesting a quote to have an article posted on-line from our web site for a 3 month period. You will be provided with the special web address so that you can link to that article from your web site and/or publicize the article's address to your customers. Note: downloadable articles are not currently available via the internet.
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  To order photocopies, click here.
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mailing Address:
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Postal/Zip Code:
*Issue Month/Year:
*Article Title:
Beginning Page No.:
Minimum Press Run is 100 copies (required for printed reprints only)
NOTE: To order less than the 100 minimum press run for reprints, click here to order photocopies.
*Color required:
If this is a re-run of a prior reprint:
Date of last reprint:
Company name when
last reprinted:


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