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  • US plans tighter rules for ships carrying fuels, citing worst barge spills since 2008

    Posted by: HP News Services

    Thursday August 28, 2014


    Tighter regulation of US ships carrying record exports of diesel and gasoline is coming amid the worst year for oil spills from barges since 2008.

    Coast Guard rules to be issued within the next 90 days would require commercial vessels nationwide to be equipped with Automatic Identification System, or AIS, technology, which uses transponders and electronic chart displays to alert pilots to neighboring ships, according to trade group American Waterways Operators. 

    A pending inspection regulation would bring ships more in line with trains and trucks that carry similar cargo.

    Growing amounts of shale oil that’s made the US the world’s biggest energy producer moves through inland waterways on ships almost twice as long and that carry 10 times the load of vessels plying the same routes in the 1960s. 

    Export traffic on the Houston Ship Channel in...

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  • Industry Metrics: Global oil demand looks to remain steady

    Posted by: HP Editorial Staff

    Wednesday August 13, 2014

    At mid-year, the global demand for oil remains steady, and growth is forecast to average about 1.13 million bpd (MMbpd). Analysts are more optimistic for greater demand increases in 2015 at 1.21MMbpd, with Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) nations in the Americas experiencing positive growth next year. Non-OPEC supplies are expected to increase by 1.3 MMbpd in 2015 and average about 57 MMbpd. OECD Americas nations—the US, Canada and Brazil—are the main contributors to higher oil production. HP










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  • Permian crude gusher creates wave of pipeline, refinery investments

    Posted by: HP News Services

    Thursday August 07, 2014


    The gusher of crude from the Permian Basin has spurred new investments from refinery and pipeline companies trying to take advantage of low prices caused by rising supplies.

    Delek US Holdings expects to expand its refinery in Tyler, Texas, by 25% in early 2015, and Sunoco Logistics asked shippers if they wanted to commit to a new pipeline to carry West Texas oil across the state and into southern Louisiana.

    The projects underscore the continued influence of the shale boom on the US energy landscape more than five years after hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling helped reverse a decades-long decline in oil production.

    “There’s like a wall of crude oil coming out of the Permian,” said David Hackett, president of Stillwater Associates, an Irvine, California-based energy consulting firm. “The first projects look like they’re all filled up, now the next wave is getting announced.”...

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  • GTL ’14: Executive insight into new gas-to-liquids technologies

    Posted by: Adrienne Blume

    Thursday July 31, 2014

    Managing Editor

    HOUSTON -- Gulf Publishing Company's second annual Gas-to-Liquids (GTL) Technology Forum opened on July 30 and concluded on Thursday, July 31. Speakers and attendees shared insight on gas processing technology developments, project economics and business challenges. A full news recap of technical sessions and photo gallery are included below:


    Day 2 of the second annual GTL Technology Forum, which drew nearly 200 attendees from the US and a number of other countries, opened with an ExxonMobil-sponsored networking breakfast in the exhibition hall. Exhibitors Pentair, Siemens, AMACS, Walter Tosto and Ariel...

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  • A career or an adventure in machinery reliability

    Posted by: Heinz P. Bloch

    Tuesday July 22, 2014

    Fig. 1: Patent diagram of cotton tip machine.By HEINZ P. BLOCH
    Reliability/Equipment Editor

    In a recent letter, an experienced reliability professional recommended that we (engineers) share how we decided and became the professionals that we are today. This engineer suggested a future article on my life experiences as related to machinery reliability. In short, he believes that it is important to share the life experiences of a professional reliability engineer with a career spanning over 50 years. More importantly, this article would link the experiences of solving numerous reliability problems and the “lessons learned.” Likewise, the article would also share the mistakes and misunderstandings that occurred as well. Remember: Failure is an excellent teacher.   

    Looking back. Working as a reliability engineer for over 50 years, I have had a few success stories and gaffes too. For example, I could write about the slip-up in Spain, where I forgot to drain the cooling...

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  • Industry Metrics: Global markets poised to reach new equilibrium

    Posted by: HP Editorial Staff

    Friday July 11, 2014

    Global energy markets are reaching a new equilibrium, according to Wood Mackenzie analysts. As demand shifts to the East, it will expand to extraordinary proportions. 

    However, the world also finds itself in an era of robust energy supplies. A shift from volume to value is rebalancing the energy market to a “supply-push” condition as demand softens. 

    New non-OPEC supplies are contributing to the situation. After the mid-June 2014 meeting, OPEC countries announced that the nations will keep the target production at 30 million bpd for another six months. HP






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  • GALLERY: Scenes from the 2014 International Refining and Petrochemical Conference

    Posted by: Ben DuBose

    Wednesday June 25, 2014

    VERONA, Italy -- The agenda for the 2014 International Refining and Petrochemical Conference (IRPC) began on Tuesday, June 24, and extends through Thursday, June 26.

    This year, IRPC features more than 70 presentations from speakers in 24 countries, with special focus on the latest advances in technology and operations in refining, petrochemicals and in clean fuels/biofuels. Among IRPC delegates, 318 attended from 43 different countries.

    The event began on Tuesday with an exclusive tour of Eni's recently-converted Venice biorefinery. Seen below are scenes from that tour and other IRPC events throughout the week.

    For further event details, visit the IRPC website. For IRPC news stories, visit HP's Conference News section.

    DAY 3

    Eni's Claudia Prati discussed her company's Ecofining process. (WATCH VIDEO of her presentation.)

    Delegates listened closely during Thursday's keynote presentation on the global refining outlook.

    DAY 2

    The IRPC stage played host to over 72 industry presentations...

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  • Skills shortages in a booming market: The big oil and gas challenge

    Posted by: FMI Corporation

    Monday June 09, 2014

    Skill Shortages in a Booming Market: The Big Oil and Gas ChallengeThe strains on labor capacity in oil and gas construction markets worldwide are becoming increasingly well known. These strains continue to affect forecasted project costs, and several large capital projects have already been delayed or canceled (see Shell’s Louisiana gas-to-liquids plant as an example) as a result of rising costs and questionable long-term profitability projections. As demand continues to increase in the face of the liquefied natural gas export gold rush, construction firms are faced with unprecedented pressures to retain and grow talent.

    To keep up with this extremely dynamic and competitive—if not unprecedented—business environment, US energy infrastructure construction firms need to develop a robust talent pipeline to tackle the industry’s many business challenges in the coming years. In 2008, just 3.8% of the total construction workforce was engaged in direct oil and gas construction. By 2012, 6.4%—nearly double 2008’s number—of that workforce was engaged in direct oil...

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  • GALLERY: Scenes at the Honeywell Users Group forum

    Posted by: Billy Thinnes

    Thursday June 05, 2014

    By BILLY THINNESTechnical EditorSAN ANTONIO -- An active week of automation chatter is coming to a close in San Antonio, and we would like to share with you several highlights from the Honeywell Users Group (HUG).  The first is an exclusive event for executives that is embedded within HUG called the Honeywell North America Executive Forum. The theme for the forum this year was “smart capital.” The executives pondered the challenges and opportunities posed by mega energy projects and the role automation can play in improving the ROIC for such projects. Featured speakers included Sandy Vasser from ExxonMobil, James B. Smith, former US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia and Bob Fryklund, an oil industry strategist for IHS/CERA. Out on the floor of the main event, the Honeywell Knowledge Center was a big hit with attendees. It offered over 70 live demonstrations, staffed by industry and technology experts. Demos were provided in the...

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  • Honeywell users discuss latest advances in process plant control

    Posted by: Billy Thinnes

    Tuesday June 03, 2014

    (Editor's note: A photo gallery from the Honeywell event is now included at the bottom of this blog post.)By BILLY THINNESTechnical EditorSAN ANTONIO -- Up amid the rolling Hill Country of Central Texas, the Honeywell Users Group (HUG) convened for a week of presentations, networking and deal-making. The event is expected to draw 1,342 attendees, 477 companies and 64 industries from 36 countries.At the Tuesday morning plenary session, the new president for Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS) offered remarks. Vimal Kapur said that HPS is uniquely positioned to integrate all along the oil and gas value chain. For instance, the company had a CAPEX number of $25 billion in 2013 in the midstream market and was very active in pipeline transport and LNG liquefaction.Mr. Kapur said he believes that North America’s new supply dynamics will drive midstream infrastructure investment in pipelines and LNG facilities.  To capture some of those investment dollars,...

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  • Mexico needs new crude markets as US shale boom alters landscape

    Posted by: HP News Services

    Thursday May 22, 2014


    Mexico’s reliance on oil exports to its northern neighbor is being jeopardized by the US shale boom, forcing suppliers to seek new buyers, Citigroup said.

    Mexico, which exports about 880,000 bpd of crude to the US, is being “pushed out” by its chief trading partner as demand diminishes, according to Ed Morse, global head of commodities research at Citigroup in New York. 

    US imports of Mexican crude fell 13% to the lowest in more than 20 years in 2013 because of increased domestic production, according to the US Energy Information Administration.

    “Something’s got to give,” Morse said in an interview at the Institute of the Americas energy conference in La Jolla, California. “The US has not been a good neighbor to Venezuela or Mexico in the way the shale revolution has unfolded.”

    Production of tight...

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  • Industry Metrics: OECD nations poised to boost diesel, gasoline demand

    Posted by: HP Editorial Staff

    Friday May 16, 2014

    The OPEC Reference Basket for crudes fell $1.23 in March. Changes in the crude oil markets are attributed to a slowdown in China’s economy and reduced crude oil demand by refineries. Non-OPEC supply growth is expected to outpace global consumption growth and stabilize oil prices.

    North America leads in new production, stemming from shale oil in the US and growth in the Canadian oil sands. Global product markets are expected to receive support from increased diesel and gasoline demand by OECD nations.

    A detailed statistical breakdown can be viewed in the slides below:


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  • OTC ’14: News roundup from the Offshore Technology Conference

    Posted by: Stephany Romanow

    Thursday May 08, 2014


    HOUSTON -- Kicking off this week's international upstream event was news involving China’s shale gas development. Representatives from GE Power & Water’s Distributed Power Business and China’s HongHua Group, a leading Chinese drill rig manufacturer, signed a three-year agreement to supply GE’s Waukesha VHP engines. The Waukesa gas engines will be used with HongHau generators to power new drilling rigs in operating in China and Asia.

    Gas over diesel. The Waukesha gas engines offer high reliability, especially in the tough exploration and production (E&P) environment. More importantly, these engines can successfully burn any gaseous fuel, from 950 Btu to 2,600 Btu, including  field gas, LNG, CNG, propane, biofuel and coke oven gas. Switching from diesel to gas can provide drilling rig operators the opportunity to reduce energy cost by 75%. Typical drilling rigs use three diesel engines. Converting to gas engines...

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  • Canada finds China oil option is no easy answer to Keystone snub

    Posted by: HP News Services

    Tuesday May 06, 2014


    Stephen Harper was in need of a new friend with a big appetite for oil. The Americans just weren’t cutting it.

    It was February 2012, three months since President Barack Obama had phoned the Canadian prime minister to say the Keystone XL pipeline designed to carry vast volumes of Canadian crude to American markets would be delayed.

    Now Harper found himself thousands of miles from Canada on the banks of the Pearl River promoting Plan B: a pipeline from Alberta’s landlocked oil sands to the Pacific Coast where it could be shipped in tankers to a place that would certainly have it -- China. It was a country to which he had never warmed yet that served his current purposes.

    Harper stood before a business audience in a luxury hotel banquet hall in Guangzhou, capital of...

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