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Investigate processing near-zero-sulfur gasoline

09.01.2011  |  Stratiev, D.,  Lukoil Neftochim Bourgas AD, Bourgas, Bulgaria

This study considers the effectiveness of undercutting and hydrotreating fluid catalytic cracking feeds to yield ‘cleaner’ fuels


Processing near-zero-sulfur gasoline (NZSG) requires a significant reduction of sulfur from fluid catalytic cracking (FCC) gasoline. FCC gasoline contributes about 90% of the sulfur content in the finished gasoline pool.1 There are advantages and disadvantages in hydrotreating FCC feed and in post treating FCC gasoline. The main technologies for reducing gasoline sulfur content have been widely discussed.2–7 It is well known that hydrotreating FCC feed considerably improves the economics of the FCC unit.8 However, there is no evidence confirming that hydrotreating FCC feed can consistently meet 10-ppm sulfur (S) levels for FCC gasoline over the long term.

Advances in catalyst technologies allow the FCC-feed hydrotreaters to meet ultra-low-sulfur gasoline (less than 50 ppm) level.9 However, NZSG production remains a challenge for FCC hydrotreating technology. An attempt was made in the Lukoil Neftochim Bulgaria (LNB) FCC unit to produce 10-ppm S FCC gasoline by increasing the severity in the FCC feed hydrotreater. This article discusses the results obtained at the LNB.

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