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 "STOP IT" Pipe-Repair System


 Aluminum and Aluminum-Alloy



 Bends - Fabrication

 Beveling and Cutting

 Beveling Machine

 Carbon-Steel (A106, A53, API5L&XHGr)

 Carbon-Steel Jacketed

 Chlorine, Oxygen, Pure Gas Cleaning Services for Piping Systems


 Coil Fabrication




 Corrosion - Pipeline Inspection




 Cutting and Beveling Machine Rental

 Emergency Leak-Repair Kits

 End Preparation Machine Rental


 Fabrication Services

 Fabrication, Aluminum

 Fabrication, Carbon-Steel

 Fabrication, Carbon-Steel -Jacketed

 Fabrication, Stainless, Jacketed

 Fabrication, Stainless-Steel

 Fabrication, Titanium

 First Response - Emergency Leak-Repair Kits


 Fittings, Aluminum

 Fittings, Buttweld

 Fittings, Cam-and-Groove

 Fittings, Caps

 Fittings, Carbon-Steel

 Fittings, Copper

 Fittings, Elbows

 Fittings, Forged

 Fittings, High-Alloy

 Fittings, High-Pressure

 Fittings, Large-Diameter

 Fittings, Nipples

 Fittings, Plastic

 Fittings, PVC

 Fittings, Reducers

 Fittings, Stainless-Steel

 Fittings, Stub Ends

 Fittings, Tees

 Fittings, Thread-O-Lets

 Fittings, Weld-O-Lets

 Flange and Pipe Tensioning

 Heat Treating

 Heat -Treating Services

 Heavy-Wall Carbon-Steel


 High-Alloy Fabrication

 Hot Tapping

 Hydrostatic Pressure Testing

 Inflatable Pipe Stopper Installation


 Leak Detection

 Leak-Repair Kits



 NDT: Radiography, X-rays

 Pipeline Flow Measurement

 Pipeline Freezing

 Pipeline Freezing Services

 Pipeline Inspection

 Piping Design - AutoCAD, 3D, Auto ISO Generation

 Piping Leak Repair Services

 Piping Nuts and Bolts

 Piping Repair

 Piping Saddle Supports

 Piping Subcontractor

 Piping Support Sleeves

 Piping Supports


 Reducers, Concentric/Eccentric

 Repair Clamps

 Seamless/ERW - Stainless-Steel Pipe

 Spools - Aluminum

 Spreaders for Flanges & Pipe

 Stainless Steel Jacketed


 Stainless-Steel Pipe



 Structural Steel Pipe

 Supports, Shoes


 Tees, Caps, Reducers, Elbows

 Testing - Isolators and Plugs


 Titanium - Supply and Fabrication

 Titanium Pipe

 Tube End Preparation Rental Equipment

 Tube End Preparation Tools


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