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 Acid Resisting




 Automatic Control


 Ball, Check

 Bar Stock

 Bate, Bolted Bonnet


 Bellows-Sealed Ball

 Block & Bleed

 Block Valves - Field Services, on- and offshore



 Bolted Bonnet



 Butterfly Valves



 Carbon-Steel Butterfly



 Check, Horizontal Ball

 Check, Inset Disc

 Chlorine, Oxygen, Pure Gas Cleaning Services

 Components and Overhaul

 Compression Fitting


 Compressor, High-Pressure, LPG



 Cylinder Operated

 DeltaGuard Unheading Specialists, Top & Bottom



 Differential Pressure Shut-Off

 Double Gate



 Duplex, Three-Way

 Electric control

 Electrically Operated


 Farris Relief - Field services, on- and offshore

 Fire Protection

 Fire Safe

 Floating Ball


 Flush Bottom

 Flush Bottom Tank

 Forged High-Pressure Ball


 Full Bore or Through Conduit



 Gate - Critical Service

 Gate, Union bonnet

 Gate--Delayed Coking Series

 Gate--Double Block and Purge

 Gate--Large-Diameter Isolation

 Gate--Metal-Seated Knife


 Gear Operated


 Globe & Angle Non-Return Boiler

 High Pressure

 High Pressure Shut-Off

 High Pressure Steam

 High Temperature


 High-Alloy Ball

 High-Performance Butterfly


 Inspection & Testing


 Instrument Piping

 Isolation Valve & Actuator Repair - all types


 Jet Fuel Loading

 Knife Gate

 Leak Repair- Seats, Body, Bonnet, Packing


 Line Blind

 Lined Ball



 Lubricated Plug


 Metal Seated







 New and Used

 Non-Lubricated Plug



 Pilot Operated Regulating Valves

 Pipeline Valve Automation and EST services, GEVALCO, OQ & NCCR



 Plastic Lined


 Plug, Lined

 Positive Shut-Off

 Pressure Control


 Process Control Systems

 Quarter Turn

 Quick Opening and closing


 Relief - Spirax Sarco



 Safety-Relief - ASME Section I, in Shop & Field

 Safety-Relief - Spirax Sarco


 Seat Repair and Replacement

 Self-Actuated Temperature Control

 Severe Service




 Swing and Lift Check

 Swing Check





 Trunion-Mounted Ball

 Valve Repair


 Venturi Type

 VR Services, Farris Relief Valves, Field services On- and Offshore

 Wafer Check

 Wafer or Lug Body


 Water Draw-Off

 Welded Bonnet


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