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CategorySubCategoryCompanyOffice Region
Project  Management and Controls  ALTAIRSTRICKLAND North America:United States 
Project Controls  Services - Cost Estimating  ALTAIRSTRICKLAND North America:United States 
Project  Controls Services: Cost Estimating  AUSTIN INDUSTRIAL North America:United States 
Project  Expansion Projects, Design  BASIC EQUIPMENT North America:United States 
Project Controls  Services - Cost Estimating  BASIC EQUIPMENT North America:United States 
Project  Engineering  BUCHEN-ICS GmbH Europe:Germany 
Project  Controls Services: Cost Estimating  CALCULATED CONTROLS North America:United States 
Project  Controls Training  CALCULATED CONTROLS North America:United States 
Project  Management  CALCULATED CONTROLS North America:United States 
Project  Management and Controls  CALCULATED CONTROLS North America:United States 

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