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Sentinel Integrity Solutions, Inc. is to become the proud leader in the petrochemical industries, continuing advancement of strategic inspection methodologies pursuant to increasing overall asset reliability while minimizing risk/consequence associated with loss of containment or failure of equipment. Sentinel Integrity Solutions, Inc. is dedicated to developing life-long relationships with all of our clients by presenting the most comprehensive infrastructure of inspection professionals ever assembled. We deliver safe, cost-effective, low-maintenance, turn-key inspection solutions to our clients.  
Inspection Services,
Inspection Services,and Testing Services
Inspection Services,API 653 Visual Tank Inspections
Inspection Services,API Visual Inspections (510, 570)
Inspection Services,API-570 Pressure Piping Inspections
Inspection Services,Asset Integrity Management System
Inspection Services,Conventional & Advanced NDE Testing
Inspection Services,Corrosion Under Insulation (CUI) Programs
Inspection Services,Dimensional and Workmanship Visual Inspection
Inspection Services,Eddy Current Testing
Inspection Services,Electro-Magnetic Acoustic Transducer Testing (EMAT)
Inspection Services,Electromagnetic Crack Detection
Inspection Services,Fitness for Service Assessments
Inspection Services,Fluoroscopic Inspection, Corrosion Under Insulation
Inspection Services,Magnetic Flux Leakage - Qualification Testing
Inspection Services,Magnetic Particle Examination
Inspection Services,Material Identification of Alloys, Onsite
Inspection Services,NDT - Dye Penetrant Testing
Inspection Services,Pipeline Coating Inspection
Inspection Services,Pipeline Corrosion/Erosion Inspection
Inspection Services,Pipeline Inspections/Services
Inspection Services,Pre-emptive OSHA-PSM & NEP Compliance Auditing
Inspection Services,QA/QC Vendor Surveillance
Inspection Services,Retro-Active Positive Material Identification PMI Programs
Inspection Services,Risk-Based Inspection
Inspection Services,Tubing Inspections - (XRFT, RFT, ECT &IRIS)
Inspection Services,Turnaround Inspection
Inspection Services,Ultrasonic Testing - Manual and Advanced Automated Services
Inspection Services,Visual Inspections