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Keith Hurst
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Tiger Tower Service experts can retrofit towers with all types of trays, packings, distributors, accumulators, feed/draw arrangements, section replacements and beams. They also provide nozzle and strip lining installation/repairs, tray support modifications, internal piping modifications and tower re-sections. Inspections are performed at all applicable stages by CCWI and API 510 qualified personnel. The company also provides engineering services and design/ analysis and furnishes drawings of vessels or vessel modifications along with integrity analysis and re-rating. Even though the company has been awarded some very big jobs, Tiger Tower Services President, Keith Hurst, maintains “no job is too big or too small as long as it is done efficiently, safely and to the client’s satisfaction.”  
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Columns,Internals - Bed and Grid Supports
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Packing,Packed Column Internals
Towers,Distillation Tower Repairs
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