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Michael J. Lutz
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Tray-Tec, Inc. is a minority owned specialty company providing field service, and mechanical and piping services to the Refining, Petrochemical, and Gas and Vessel Shop fabricator Industries. Tray-Tec can provide blind to blind capability including battery limit. We specialize in the removal of existing and installation of internals in towers, drums, vessels and reactors. Tray-Tec can provide Repairs and Alternations utilizing our ASME "U" Stamp, NBIC "R" Stamp, NBIC "NB" Stamp. Tower, vessel and reactor repairs, modification and revamps per ASME Div. I and Div. II. Let Tray-Tec assist you with your project and experience for yourself how we are "Setting A New Standard in Field Service".  
Columns,Internals - Packing and Grid Supports
Columns,Liquid Distributors-Feed Pipe-Spray Headers-Chimney Trays
Columns,Random-Structured-Ceramic Packing
Drums,Blind to Blind Capability (Including Battery Limit)
Drums,Dimensional & Workmanship Visual Inspection
Drums,External-Internal Inspections - Written Reports
Drums,Internal Linings-Weld Overlay-Resection
Drums,Internals Removal and Installation
Drums,Internals: Packing and Grid Supports
Drums,Liquid Distributors-Feed Pipe-Spray Headers-Chimney Trays
Drums,Pressure Vessel Repair "R" "U" Stamp, Div. I and Div. II
Drums,Random-Structured-Ceramic Packing
Drums,Remove-Install All Manufacturers Type
Drums,Visual Inspections and Written Report
Reactors,ASME Repairs-Alternations
Reactors,Internals Removal-Installation
Towers/Columns,Blind to Blind Capability (Including Battery Limit)
Towers/Columns,Dimensional & Workmanship Visual Inspection
Towers/Columns,External-Internal Inspections - Written Reports
Towers/Columns,Internal Linings-Weld Overlay-Resection
Towers/Columns,Internals Removal and Installation
Towers/Columns,Pressure Vessel Repair "R" "U" Stamp, Div. I and Div. II
Towers/Columns,Remove-Install All Manufacturers Type
Towers/Columns,Visual Inspections and Written Report
Trays,Bubble Cap
Trays,Distillation (Valve, Sieve, Bubble Cap)
Trays,Dual Flow
Trays,Remove-Install All Manufactors Type
Vessel Shop,ASME Repairs-Alternations-Linings-Weld Overlay
Vessel Shop,Internals: Removal and Installation
Vessel Shop,Vessel Inspection
Vessels,Internals: Packing and Grid Support
Vessels,Liquid Distributors-Feed Pipe-Spray Headers-Chimney Trays
Vessels,Random-Structured-Ceramic Packing
Vessels/Reactors,Blind to Blind Capability (Including Battery Limit)
Vessels/Reactors,Dimensional & Workmanship Visual Inspection
Vessels/Reactors,External-Internal Inspections - Written Reports
Vessels/Reactors,Internal Linings-Weld Overlay-Resection
Vessels/Reactors,Internals Removal and Installation
Vessels/Reactors,Pressure Vessel Repair "R" "U" Stamp, Div. I and Div. II
Vessels/Reactors,Remove-Install All Manufacturers Type
Vessels/Reactors,Visual Inspections and Written Report