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Turnaround Welding Services
29371 Frost Road
Livingston, LA 70754
United States
Mike Underwood
Phone: 225-686-7101
Fax: 225-686-7102
Turnaround Welding Services performs field piping and fabrication services for the refining, petrochemical, power and fertilizer industries. They are committed to recruiting and retaining the best craftspeople available. This commitment to their employees helps them keep their commitment to their clients; to provide the safest, highest quality and most productive services possible. They can respond to jobs requiring from ten to 250,000+ man-hours. Turnaround Welding Services works on planned turnarounds/projects and emergencies too (they can mobilize very quickly when needed). They also have complete planning/scheduling to complement their existing services. The company says that they believe employees and clients see their winning traits on exhibit during each project. Those traits include: Honesty The courage to make changes The ability to overcome adversity Developing personal relationships Unwillingness to cut corners regarding safety/quality An overwhelming hunger to do the right thing thru the way they conduct their day-to-day business.  
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