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Providing quality products with honesty, integrity and dependability when it comes to isolation or testing piping— “We’re It”! We have the largest inventory available for both rental and sale. Our inventory consists of close to one million pounds of isolation and hydro-test paddle blinds and blind flanges available for immediate delivery. Flange sizes from ˝ in. to 66 in. with flange ratings of 150# to 2500# made to ASME/ANSI B16.5 and B16.4 standards; flange weld-test plugs available for rental or sale in any size and rating less than 24 in.; and other products include industrial isolation plugs, grip-type, plumbers-type, inflatable, and Double Block and Bleed plugs. We also offer EZ Purge, EZ Vent Blinds, and our “new” EZ Vent-Purge Blind. USA Industries takes pride in the quality of the blinds we provide. Every piece we ship, whether for rental or purchase, is ground to a smooth-edge finish, stamped and color coded for easy identification. We maintain the most comprehensive line of tube plugs available which includes over 300,000 in stock and production capacity of more than 4,000 plugs per day. Our new Snap It Jr and Sr plugs with through-the-tube plugging capabilities provide: “Consistent, Controlled Installation” with pressure ratings up to 7,000 psig. In addition, our new EZ Torque gaskets are used with our Shoulder plugs in fin-fan assemblies and are graphite coated to provide easy installation.  
Fittings,Bleed Rings (Drip Rings)
Flanges,Weld-Test Plugs
Heat Exchangers,Tools
Leak Detection,
Orifice Plates,and Flanges
Pipe,Testing - Isolators and Plugs
Tube,Brass Tube Plugs
Tube,Cleaning - Tools and Systems
Tube,Expanders for Heat Exchanger Repairs
Tube,Hydraulic Tube-Pulling and Cutting Tools
Tube,Installation Tools
Tube,Plugs - 316 Stainless-Steel
Tube,Plugs - All Metals (1/4 in. to 4 in.)
Tube,Plugs, Titanium
Tube,Removal and Installation Tools
Tube,Rotating Brush Cleaner