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GE Oil & Gas Surface Pumps is a business unit of GE Oil & Gas Artificial Lift, a leading manufacturer of electric submersible pump (ESP) systems. First used in the oil field for 24/7 artificial lift applications, ESP systems are now providing specific solutions to a wide range of surface mounted fluid-movement applications. These systems feature a direct coupled, multistage centrifugal design ideally suited for most high-pressure, low to medium volume and environmentally sensitive applications. Building on rugged oil-field technology, the SPS™ Surface Pumping System has developed a reputation as a low-maintenance, cost-effective alternative to vertical turbine, split-case and ultra-high-speed centrifugal and plunger-style positive displacement pumps. Offering quiet, virtually vibration-free operation, the SPS unit is available with conventional electric motor, gas- or diesel-powered engine. These systems can typically handle up to 1,500 gpm and discharge pressures from 500 to 6,000 psi. The systems feature design flexibility that facilitates onsite installation and maintenance with minimal site preparation. The units can be easily modified to handle a variety of service requirements. Design adjustments to such items as the seal assembly, elastomers and metallurgy are made routinely to accommodate special applications. The SPS unit has inherent advantages such as; lack of pulsation, vibration, minimal routing maintenance, high up-time, one low-pressure mechanical seal, and the lack of high-pressure packing glands that help eliminate costly maintenance repairs, nuisance shutdowns, product leakage, piping stresses and man-hour consumption. For more information, call 1-713.260.6731. E-mail sps.inquiry@ge.com. Or visit our website: www.geoilandgas.com/sps  
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