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VR#3,37056 Cornerview Road
Geismar, LA 70734
United States
Mike Chaisson
Phone: 225-673-6132
Fax: 225-673-8792
GROQUIP helps companies in processing industries comply with federal safety guidelines to help ensure occupational and environmental hazards are minimized or eliminated. Founded in 1972 and recognized by OSHA as the safest in its field, GROQUIP has been safely delivering quality as a supplier of engineering information, products, and services to customers with high-pressure processes. Our customers have strict regulatory compliance mandates (OSHA (PSM), EPA (RMP, LDAR, BACT), BOEMRE, MSHA, ASME, etc.). Our daily customers are the Who’s Who of industry on the Gulf of Mexico Coast and are in the: Chemical Processing Industry (CPI); Hydrocarbon Processing Industry (HPI); Upstream Exploration and Production business; Midstream Gas Processing, Fractionating, Pipelining, Terminaling & Storage, and Distribution business; Downstream Refining business; Pulp and Paper business; Power Utilities; Pharmaceutical; Food and Beverage; Maritime/Non-Nuclear Navy & Coast Guard; and NH3/NKP Fertilizers. These industries all rely on the mechanics and physics of pressure to safely accomplish work in their processes. Our diagnostic and remediation approach to compliance solutions assures the greatest value with all your product procurement and servicing needs on regulatory mandated covered processes. All supporting required documentation is available on GROQUIP’s proprietary web-based data-tracking system. Call-out service is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Onsite services from either the Geismar or Sulphur, Louisiana locations include: • Non-destructive examination/magnetic particle • Positive material identification • Mobile machining and pressure test units • Inline equipment diagnostics • ASME Section IX qualified welders • NBBIC VR (Geismar holds longest continuously held stamp VR #3 in the world) at both facilities with ASME Section I and VIII assembly, set and test capabilities in Air, Liquid and Steam processes • Offshore and Pipeline Emergency Shutdown Automation and PSV Inspection Services • Farris Relief Valve authorized (Assembler and FAST Centers) • Groth Products Tank Pressure Management (Assembler and Service Facility).  
Regional Branch Offices:
650 Hwy 108 E
Sulphur, LA
United States
Mike Chaisson
Phone: 1 800-259-1456
Actuators,Gas, Hydraulic and Electric
Actuators,Hydraulic Power Unit Services for FCCU and Coker
Arrestors, Detonation,Groth Products - Arrester Sizing, Selection, Sales, and Services
Arrestors, Flame,Groth Products - Arrester Sizing, Selection, Sales, and Services
Detectors,Gas and Fire - Sensidyne
Discs,Rupture - ASME RD, Continental Disc
Engineering Services,iPRSM Process Simulation & Process Hazard Analysis
Inspection & Testing,PMI, Offshore BOEMRE-Compliant Relief Valve Testing & Repair Documentation
Machining,and Testing Centers
Oxidation,Flares, Thermal Oxidizers - Sales & Service
Pipe,Chlorine, Oxygen, Pure Gas Cleaning Services for Piping Systems
Site Glasses,Liquid-Level & Magnetic Liquid-Level Gauges, Sales & Service
Tanks,Vents - Groth Products, Shop/Field Services, On- and Offshore
Valves,Block Valves - Field Services, on- and offshore
Valves,Chlorine, Oxygen, Pure Gas Cleaning Services
Valves,DeltaGuard Unheading Specialists, Top & Bottom
Valves,Farris Relief - Field services, on- and offshore
Valves,Isolation Valve & Actuator Repair - all types
Valves,Pipeline Valve Automation and EST services, GEVALCO, OQ & NCCR
Valves,Safety-Relief - ASME Section I, in Shop & Field
Valves,VR Services, Farris Relief Valves, Field services On- and Offshore
Welding,ASME Section IX Certified Welding Services for Structural/Pipe