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Marco Vailati
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SO.CA.P. SRL was founded in 1956 with the aim of manufacturing and selling Pneumatic Tubular Forms both on the Italian and on the foreign markets. The know-how gained in the first years during which a reliable and practical product has been developed thanks to the most advanced materials and technologies, has led, in the seventies, to the creation of a wide range of Pneumatic Pipe Stoppers (for temporarily plugging metal pipes like pipelines and gas mains or sewer lines, aqueduct and drainage lines), Foldable and Collapsible Tanks, Gas Storage Bags, Tubular Forms, Pneumatic Mini Moulds and Parachute Lifting Bags. The professionalism of qualified and motivated operators, the presence of up-to-date equipments and repeated monitoring of the manufacturing process, together with a flexible organization, enable SOCAP SRL to produce quality items according to agreed or existing standards. Thanks to the favorable quality/price balance of its products, SOCAP SRL was able to increase constantly its presence both on domestic and foreign markets (the export volume is more than 70% on the total turnover). SOCAP SRL can meet supply orders within a short time, thanks to its flexible organization also in case of non-standard client specifications in terms of sizes. SOCAP SRL deals either directly with clients or through its sale network.  
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