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Ohmstede is the largest and recognized leader in North America for manufacturing, offsite cleaning, and repair of highly engineered shell and tube heat exchangers. Ohmstede offers its integrated ONE solution as the single point of responsibility for servicing industry needs for shop and field. Ohmstede’s field maintenance and construction teams aptly manage and self-perform complete process turnarounds and specialty maintenance services. This focused outlook and corporate credos to “Be the Best” and “Make it Easy” for its clients have powered the company’s growth from the small auto repair shop that began in 1905 to the seamless “ONE-Stop” solution it is today. Fully integrated shop services include state-of-the-art manufacturing, technologies, engineering, design, and repair for shell and tube heat exchangers. Innovative offsite cleaning operations reduce downtime, risk, and cost. Ohmstede’s custom fleet of fully contained transport trailers transfer client equipment from plant sites to shops for cleaning, inspection, repair, and provide return transport for timely onsite installation. For the field, Ohmstede manages and direct hires all personnel needed for the major mechanical work activity performed during complete turnarounds, specialty maintenance, and project activity. Core competencies include providing leadership, project controls, and skilled craft for towers and vessels, piping, exchangers and fin-fans, heaters, code repairs, and tank maintenance and repairs. Specialty maintenance crews provide exchanger re-tubing, bolt-torquing/tensioning, and machining. Ohmstede’s ONE solution for piping and equipment modification, repair, or replacement is achieved by combining the proprietary Dimensional Survey and Design arm, which delivers as-built and constructability drawings, with piping and/or equipment shop fabrication and field installation teams for a guaranteed fit-up. Ohmstede offers “nested” multi-craft Heat Teams for maintenance of shell and tube heat exchangers to facilitate continuous or longer process run times for their clients. Concurrent to maintaining a strong presence in the US, Ohmstede is making a concerted effort to increase its global footprint. While manufactured equipment sales have remained steady worldwide, strategic plans include increasing its presence, particularly within South and Central America, as a high priority. Ohmstede understands its client appreciates supporting equipment manufactured in the United States, and will continue to support local job growth through its operations.  
Bolts,Onsite Bolt Torquing, Loosening; Induction Heating
Coolers,Shell and Tube Type
Drums,Pressure Vessel Repair "R" "U" Stamp, Div. I and Div. II
Fluid Catalytic Cracker,Repairs
Heat Exchangers,ASME Shell-and-Tube
Heat Exchangers,Finned Tube
Heat Exchangers,Industrial Cleaning/Decontamination
Heat Exchangers,Repair
Heat Exchangers,TEMA
Heat Recovery,
Machining,Field - Onsite
Reactors,ASME Repairs-Alternations
Structural,Steel Fabrication & Erection, Pipe Racks
Towers/Columns,Blind to Blind Capability (Including Battery Limit)
Turnaround Services,Management and Construction
Vessels/Reactors,Blind to Blind Capability (Including Battery Limit)