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Cat Tech International Ltd
1 South Park Road
Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire DN17 2BY
United Kingdom
Karl Thew
Phone: +441724871747
Cat Tech has been providing catalyst handling services worldwide for over 40 years to the oil, petrochemical, fertilizer, and natural gas industries. We have pioneered many of the technologies, equipment, and safe work practices available in the market today, and we continue to strive to develop new technologies to improve the overall quality of the service we provide. Our Services include, both inert and normal atmosphere confined space entry, various catalyst unloading methods to suit all applications including, CATnap catalyst passivation allowing the safe unloading of hydroprocessing catalysts in a normal atmosphere rather than an inert atmosphere, tubular airlance unloading and cleaning, various catalyst loading methods such as, vacuum loading, many varied Dense Bed Loading technologies including our own TURBOcat dense loader and the JE dense loading system, our patented CATcade reformer tube loading technology, our patented CATcap insert loading method for tubular process vessels, catalyst screening/separation, video inspection and monitoring, catalyst dedusting, Delta Pressure measurement of tubular process vessels etc. We also provide non catalyst handling services such the heat exchanger cleaning of Crude Distillation Unit exchanger banks insitu without the need to mechanically remove the exchangers. We provide open clean and close, new tray installation, revamps, repairs and modifications, packing installation and or removal, to column/towers and reactors. Cat Tech has over 300 trained vessel entry technicians worldwide with equipment strategically placed around the globe enabling us to mobilise quickly to customer requirements. All field personnel receive the same classroom and web based training and certification allowing Cat Tech the ability to easily move and utilise crews from around the world to cope with peak high labour demand scenarios. Cat Tech International Ltd. is ISO certified in Quality, Environmental, and Safety, we are registered with the Achilles, and ISN's ISNetworld. We have locations in UK, Sweden, Bulgaria, Singapore, Thailand, China and Venezuela.  
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