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IHC Sealing Solutions
Nieuwland Parc 306
Alblasserdam, Zuid-Holland 2952 DD
Bart van Lee
Phone: 31786924194
Fax: +31 78 691 04 77
Expert solutions since 1856 Ever since its establishment IHC Sealing Solutions responds to the needs of numerous sectors of industry to whom reliability is not a simple luxury, but a critical necessity. The objective was long-term performance to promises, peace of mind to all involved and safety for the environment. This objective has not changed and achievements have been significant. To date, IHC Sealing Solutions serves a vast network of pump manufacturers, petrochemical and energy companies benefiting from its products - over 30,000 seals now in operation. Backed by the IHC Merwede group of innovative technology companies, your needs are served, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, worldwide.