Turnaround & Maintenance Service: Providers Products & Services Detail

200 Hermann Drive
Alvin, TX 77511
United States
Phone: 281-331-6154
Phone: 800-662-8326
Fax: 281-331-4107
Team Industrial Services provides US and international manufacturing facilities with (1) onsite, onstream, nondestructive leak-sealing services (to 6,000 psig/1,700F); 2) high-temperature/high-pressure hot taps and line stops (to 2,500 psig/1,350F,1,650 gpm/22ft/sec); (3) an ISO-9001 engineering, design and manufacturing facility that produces related hardware and sealants for any chemical process leak;(4)freeze-stop services;(5)concrete leak-repair and restoration services;(6)fugitive emissions control services, LDAR;(7)specialty maintenance services,such as online repairs of leaking fin fans;(8)field machining services;(9)mechanical integrity inspection services;(10)NDE/NDT inspection services; and(11)field heat-treating services.  
Alloys,Positive Material Identification of Alloys- PMI
Analysis,Custom Chemical
Analysis,Ferrographic - Material Loss and Failure
Analysis,Finite Element
Bolts,Hydraulic Tensioning
Bolts,Torquing, Onsite
Calibration,Gas Detection Equipment
Coatings,Inspection and Pipeline-Coating Assesment
Compressors,Leak Repair
Concrete,Repair Services
Detectors,Portable Gas -02, Combustible and Toxic Gas
Detectors,Portable Leak
Electricity,Alternating Current Field Measurement NDT
Equipment,Remote Visual Testing Equipment and Services
Fittings,Leak Repair
Gas Detection,Detectors and Monitors
Gas Detection,Equipment Repair
Ground Penetrating Radar,
Heat Exchangers,Leak Repair
Heat Treating,and Stress Relieving Services
Heat Treating,Field Services
Heat Treating,Post Weld
Hot Tapping,
Inspection Services,API-510, 570, 653 Vessels andTanks
Inspection Services,Digital Radiography X-rays - Shots and Interpretation
Inspection Services,Dimensional and Workmanship Visual Inspection
Inspection Services,Eddy Current Testing
Inspection Services,Fugitive Emissions
Inspection Services,Mechanical Integrity
Inspection Services,NDT - Dye Penetrant Testing
Inspection Services,Petrochemical Equipment Inspections (API,AWS,NACE)
Inspection Services,Ultrasonic Testing - Metal Integrity
Leak Detection,Continuous Monitoring
Leak Detection,Equipment and Services
Leak Detection,Leak Repair- Flange Gasket, Pipe, Fitting, Tubing
Leak Detection,Leak Repair Products and Services
Leak Detection,Leak Sealing, While Operating
Leak Detection,Plantwide Steam Leak Surveys
Machining,5-axis CNC Contour Milling and Lathe Turning
Machining,Custom - Milling and Boring
Machining,Field - Onsite
Management,Energy - Systems and Consulting
Monitoring,Air Quality
Monitoring,Ambient Gas Systems
Monitoring,Continuous - Gas Detection Systems
Monitoring,Corrosion Monitoring and Analysis Services
Pipe,Hot Tapping
Pipe,Pipeline Freezing Services
Pumps,Leak Repair
Refractory,Heat-Up/Dry-Out Curing - Heat Treatment
Space Heaters,
Subcontractor,Magnetic Particle Examination, Subcontract-Basis
Valves,Leak Repair- Seats, Body, Bonnet, Packing
Valves,Seat Repair and Replacement
Vessels,Leak Repair
Welding Services,In-Shop or Onsite