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BASIC ENGINEERING is a fully integrated design and construction firm serving the oil and gas, refining, petrochemical and specialty process industries worldwide. BASIC ENGINEERING is built around top professionals who understand your business and are responsive to satisfying your needs. Experts are assigned to every phase of process, design and construction. Their work reflects Basic Engineering’s mission to be the best, the safest and the most productive in the industry. Our engineers evaluate customer specifications to design equipment for specific applications. BASIC ENGINEERING uses an extensive selection of PC-based applications, including AutoCAD and design software. Our engineers perform all the design and engineering necessary for the efficient construction and operation of your plant.  
Construction,Refurbish, Relocate and Construct Refineries
Engineering,Electrical - Design and Specify
Engineering,Engineer and Design Piping Systems
Engineering,Engineering and Refurbishment of Refineries
Engineering,Environmental Engineering and Design
Engineering,Mechanical Engineering & Design
Engineering,Process and Design
Process,Engineering and Design
Revamps and Modifications,