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Louisville, KY 40299
United States
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C.I. Agent Solutions custom designs, develops, and manufactures products to prevent and mitigate hydrocarbon release into the environment. C.I. Agent Solutions is a global provider of C.I. Agent, a non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-carcinogenic, and environmentally friendly blend of polymers used to immobilize petroleum and related emergency petrochemical spills on land and especially water. C.I. Agent is a pre-approved chemical countermeasure listed on the EPA, NCP - Product Schedule pre-authorized for use on oil spills by the RRTs in EPA Regions IV, III, and the Caribbean. Products include Barrier Booms, Marine & Sheen Booms, Hydrocarbon Flow Filters, De-Watering Bags, Bilge Bags & Socks, Rapid Response Kits & more.  
Containment,Effluent Capture & Containment System
Dewatering,Bags & Valves
Disaster,Recovery & Cleanup
Oil,Absorbent Filtration Polymer Sheets
Oil,Absorbent- Pads, Rolls, Booms, Pillows
Oil,Containment Booms
Oil,Spill Solidifiers
Secondary Containment,Oil & Fuel
Spill,Environmental Cleaning of Spills
Spill,Fuel Spill Absorbent & Encapsulating Chemicals