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Coflax Americas Engineered Systems
1710 Airport Road
Monroe, NC 28110
United States
Ellen Donlin
Phone: 704-289-6511
Fax: 704-289-9273
Colfax Americas Engineered Systems collaborates with customers around the world and other Colfax divisions to design and deliver custom skids and packaged systems that solve unique and often complex business challenges. Headquartered in Monroe, North Carolina, the group of engineering and hydraulics experts stands ready to produce the drawings, designs, documentation and made-to-order packaged solutions for Oil & Gas, General Industrial and other applications. More than a collection of components, packaged systems solutions from Colfax defy the traditional build-to-print role of packagers in the past as well as the conventional wisdom that it is more cost-effective or efficient for companies to design skids and packaged systems themselves, outsourcing only the fabrication. This approach may factor in some labor costs but fails to include others associated with administration, documentation, staging, testing and construction. Known for its lean manufacturing techniques and end-to-end technical support, Colfax Americas Engineered Systems has demonstrated its value on a wide variety of custom skids and packaged systems, delivering not only the application expertise required but both cost and speed efficiencies.  
Oil,Purifiers, Rental
Pumps,Slurry or Sludge
Skid Units,