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Phil Haltom
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CostPoint Management Services is a respected leader in cost management for industrial construction projects. We are in our second decade of providing the sharp focus necessary to ensure the cost efficiency of your projects. We provide four major areas of service—cost management, project management, timesheet processing, and software tools that get the job done. Our unsurpassed cost-management services assist you in developing your budgets, aligning scheduled activities with budgeted dollars, developing manpower plans, ensuring that contracts and purchase orders are issued, administering the extra-work process, and pulling all the data together into accurate, understandable and timely reports. Our project-management services are carried out by an experienced and professional team of managers, estimators, planners, schedulers, cost analysts, and field supervisors, who work with you to deliver unrivaled project management and execution. CostPoint’s third service area is timesheet processing. We provide highly trained professionals to enter, audit, and process contractor timesheets, including labor, equipment and materials. Our fourth service area is providing comprehensive and leading-edge software tools and support services. Our CosTracker® software was built in-house as a tool for delivering our services. Unlike many engineered applications, CosTracker was designed by the people working in the field, making it very efficient, robust and unsurpassed in its processing and reporting capabilities. Our in-house software support group allows us to build fast, flexible solutions that align with the tools you use, leaving nothing unsolvable.  
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