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Integra Services Technologies, Inc.
3238 E. Pasadena Fwy.
Pasadena, TX 77503
United States
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INTEGRA’s objective is to provide absolute certainty to clients who desire zero-defect outcome, for critical bolted assemblies. Serving industry worldwide, we provide on-site flange connection bolting services and products to a diversified industrial base of customers. We have trained, experienced technicians, specialized equipment and engineering support available to evaluate, develop and implement bolting programs for all types of flange connections, flanged components, turbine casings, pipe supports and boiler supports.  
Bolts,Complete Bolting Services & Subcontractor
Bolts,Hydraulic Tensioning
Bolts,Onsite Bolt Torquing, Loosening; Induction Heating
Bolts,Pipe Bolt Tensioning
Bolts,Tensioning & Torquing
Bolts,Tensioning Equipment, Wrenches
Bolts,Torque Services & Equipment
Joints,Joint Integrity Management
Nut Splitter, Hydraulic,
Pipe,Flange and Pipe Tensioning
Pipe,Spreaders for Flanges & Pipe
Tensioning Systems,Hydraulic
Wrenches,Hydraulic Torque
Wrenches,Manual Torque
Wrenches,Pneumatic Torque