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Lubrication Systems Company
1740 Stebbins Drive
Houston, TX 77043
United States
Chris Berthiaume
Phone: 713-464-6266
Fax: 713-464-7375
Lubrication Systems Company (LSC), a division of Colfax Corporation, is the worldwide leader in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of centralized lubrication and oil purification systems for refineries, gas gathering and petrochemical plants. LSC systems lower operating costs, increase machine life and improve profitability. LSC offers a full range of products, including the proprietary and patented technologies - LubriMist® Oil Mist systems and ThermoJet® Oil Purifiers. LSC also performs ongoing maintenance and related in-plant services from oil analysis through contract maintenance to 24-hour emergency service. Product categories include: LubriMist® Centralized Oil Mist Systems ThermoJet® Oil Purifiers LubeOil® Systems Centralized Grease Lubrication Systems LubriMist® Synthetic Oil  
Oil,Analysis and Testing
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