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Mobley Industrial Services, Inc.
P. O. Box 596
Deer Park, TX 77536
United States
Charles “Chuck” Mobley
Phone: 281-470-9120
Fax: 281-470-0426
With more than 30 years in industry, Mobley Industrial Services, Inc. has proven that one contractor can specialize in a multitude of services and excel at each of them. Mobley has earned an impressive reputation for getting the job done right with safety, quality and cost-effective methods at the forefront, regardless of project size or complexity. Few companies can boast the wide range of services that Mobley considers its core competencies: • Asset management • Coatings and linings • CUI (corrosion under insulation) • CUF (corrosion under fireproofing) • Fireproofing • Grounds maintenance • Insulation • Janitorial • Lead and asbestos abatement • Scaffolding Mobley Industrial Services is a family-owned business, and its management and staff stand behind their work. That firm commitment fosters great relationships between Mobley and the company’s clientele. We respond to our customers needs, Chuck Mobley, Vice President of Mobley Industrial Services, said. Mobley’s top management is always available to answer any question and explain every aspect of our service, how we intend to implement our recommendations and the effect it will ultimately have on your facility before costly decisions are made. As our customers needs and priorities change, we are flexible enough to change with them. And Mobley’s top executives would know they are part of the team with extensive hands-on experience themselves, totaling more than 100 years combined experience in the coatings business. They require the same expertise of their team of supervisors. Each superintendent, for example, has been supervising coatings work for at least 15 years. Mobley Industrial Services has earned an array of awards spanning its years of operation due to the priority the company places on the protection of its work force and the environment in which they operate. Mobley’s excellent safety performance translates into costs savings for its clients.  
Asbestos,Removal and Disposal
Coatings,Abrasion and Corrosion-Resistant Epoxy
Coatings,Aluminum Bronze Bearing Surface
Coatings,Aluminum Oxide Bearing Surface
Coatings,Babbitt Bearing Surface
Coatings,Ceramic - High-Temperature
Coatings,Chromium-Carbide Bearing-Surface
Coatings,Coating Systems
Coatings,Concrete Coating Systems
Coatings,Copper-Nickel Bearing-Surface
Coatings,Custom - Abrasion and Corrosion-Resistant
Coatings,Electric Arc Thermal Spray
Coatings,Hypervelocity Oxygen Fuel HVOF
Coatings,Molybdenum Bearing Surface
Coatings,Protective - Turbomachinery Components
Coatings,Thermal Spray
Coatings,Thermal Spray Coating systems
Coatings,Triballoy & Stellite Hard Bearing
Coatings,Tungsten-Carbide Bearing Surface
Coatings,Wear/Corrosion-Resistant Turbine-component
Contractors,Lead Abatement
Grouts,Epoxy Grout - All Applications
Insulation,Calcium Silicate
Insulation,Cellular Glass
Insulation,Composite Material
Insulation,Industrial Insulation Materials and Installation
Insulation,Mineral Wool Thermal
Insulation,Turnkey Installations
Safety,Firestopping Systems
Tower,Cooling - Cleaning Services
Tube,Bundle Water-Jetting Cleaning Services
Tube,Cleaning Service
Water,Blasting/Jetting - Concrete Surface Preparation
Water,Blasting/Jetting Surface Preparation
Welding,Weld Overlay