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Hydrocarbon Processings Turnaround & Maintenance Services Directory is a great resource to increase business. This online directory provides operators a quick and easy way to connect with companies that have a high level of expertise in turnaround and maintenance services. 

Depending on your location, you are eligible for inclusion in the print versions of the directory that are targeted to the US Gulf Coast and Europe. Online circulation is of course global, and the print versions of the directory will be found at the following shows and meetings: ERTC, NPRA Reliability and Maintenance, ILTA annual meeting and Texas A&M Turbo Machinery Symposium.

Here are the benefits being offered to companies that promote services in the Directory:
Advertisers get a company listing with a 2,200 character company profile
Display advertisers receive a listing in 10 product categories
Listing companies receive a listing in five product categories
Links to your company's website will be available in the online directory

Complete a simple process to register your business today. Online and in print listing available for only $495!

Use the login box to the right of the screen to create an account/login to your existing account to include your company or update your listing in the directory.

If you have any questions or need additional clarification, please contact Diana Smith at 713-520-4449 or by email.


Advertising Opportunities

Unit (4-color included)    1X               3X               6X              9X              12X          18X          24X         

1 PG 4/C                      4,250           4,185           4,115          4,025           3,905        3,830        3,745


All rates US dollars. Advertisers in Hydrocarbon Processing can earn a lower rate based upon their advertising frequency.

Rates are gross. If material is supplied according to the specifications, a 15% agency discount is allowed.

  Listing Opportunity

Get your company listed in 5 product categories for one year for only $495 (net).

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