Stears, B.

DOW Chemical Co., Freeport, Texas

Brien A. Stears is the Associate R&D Director for Olefins, Alternatives and Aromatics at Dow. He directs research in propylene, alpha-olefins and alternative feedstocks, including commercialization of Dow’s PDH technology, new alpha-olefins technology and improvement of existing assets. He also focuses on programs in breakthroughs for shale gas utilization. Mr. Stears has 27 years of experience at Dow in research and development, strategic planning and manufacturing. He holds a ChemE degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder and is a Six Sigma Black Belt. He holds four US patents and has authored more than 60 internal and external papers.

Shaping the future of on-purpose propylene production

Pretz, M., Fish, B., Luo, L., Stears, B., DOW Chemical Co.

In the early 2000s, very few analysts predicted the innovation that would change the landscape in the energy, refining and petrochemical sectors over the next several decades.