POLL FINDINGS: For US president, HPI favors Romney on business

By Ben DuBose
Online Editor

HOUSTON -- Republican Mitt Romney is the industry’s preferred US presidential candidate on business matters, according to a new poll of hydrocarbon processing industry (HPI) readers.

With several hundred votes cast, 60% of respondents said a Romney win in November’s election would most benefit their HPI business.

Meanwhile, 32% favored President Barack Obama in his bid for re-election. Another 7% said neither, while 1% said they supported both equally.

Obama has come under fire in the past four years from industry trade groups, with many accusing the administration of stifling domestic energy production with cumbersome regulations.

In particular, the ongoing Keystone XL oil pipeline debate has been a political lightning rod for both environmentalists and those who accuse the president of not supporting domestic projects.

Perhaps to the HPI’s chagrin, most national polls show Obama ahead of Romney and likely to win a second term. However, the current margin is fairly slim.

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