GE unveils 'LNG In A Box' technology for transportation fuels market

HOUSTON -- The LNG 17 conference continued on Wednesday with a number of technical programs and presentations, a delegate luncheon, and the busy exhibition hall, which played host to many press events throughout the day.

At the GE Oil & Gas booth, executives discussed the release of several new technologies with members of the media over lunch. One technology, LNG In A Box, is a small-scale, plug-and-play, redeployable liquefied natural gas (LNG) fueling solution. It is ideal for the production and use of LNG as transportation fuel for long-haul trucking, in a “virtual pipeline” network, or in distributed power-generation applications for the mining and oil and gas industries.

During the press event, GE's general manager of turbomachinery unconventional solutions Ujjwal Kumar and Gasfin general director Davor Grcevich signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for Gasfin’s purchase of five LNG In A Box units.

Luxembourg-based Gasfin will install the units to serve small groups of LNG fueling stations in Europe, with the first unit being established in 2014 near the border of Italy and Slovenia. The MOU signing marked Gasfin as GE’s first customer for the LNG In A Box technology.

LNG In A Box offers a standardized, modular fueling solution covering an LNG production range of 10,000 gallons per day (gpd) to 50,000 gpd and expands on GE’s existing small-scale LNG portfolio, which includes the Micro LNG plant announced in 2012.

GE’s Mr. Kumar noted that large-scale LNG plants work well in places like Australia or Saudi Arabia, but that “the attempt is to change the game in the LNG space” with small-scale, modular, rapidly deployable solutions like LNG In A Box.

Gasfin’s Mr. Grcevich praised the technology as an attractive solution for places where LNG demand is too small to justify the construction of a large-scale LNG terminal, and for gas producers seeking to supply niche markets. “I believe that GE will be a leader in the [small- and mid-scale LNG solutions] field,” Mr. Grcevich asserted.

The press conference was followed by a short question-and-answer session, wherein Mr. Kumar affirmed that GE intends to shop its LNG In A Box technology to China, another area where small-scale LNG is ideal for virtual pipeline applications. China is a “target market” for GE’s new technology, Mr. Kumar said.

By Adrienne Blume, Managing Editor

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