Honeywell opens Houston training, service center for portable gas detectors

By Roger Jordan
World Oil

HOUSTON -- Honeywell has opened a new Customer Experience Center (CEC) in Houston. The $3-million facility, which includes a display of Honeywell's product range, will serve as a safety training center and a service repair hub for the company's range of portable gas detectors.

HoneywellThe CEC will act as a regional repair hub for the company's clients. It will initially service the company's portable gas detector equipment, but Honeywell intends to expand the facility's service capabilities to include its fixed detection products.

The center will provide an immersive experience where customers can interact in real-world work environments using Honeywell's personal protective equipment, including fall protection harnasses, hardhats, self-contained breathing apparatus, portable gas detection equipment, and products for gas, fire and smoke detection.

The facility features nine simulators that replicate industry applications and potentially hazardous environments. These include a drilling tower, a simulated catwalk and pipe track, cluimbing pole, confined tank, training tower, ladder rescue simulator confined space simulator and wind simulator.

Similar to oil rigs and cell towers, the facility's 25-foot tower simulator allows trainers to reproduce high angle tower and rescue operations using various control descent procedures, equipment and devices.

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