How Industrial AI Improves Reactor Operations with Unprecedented Simulation Accuracy
10 May 2022

Sponsor: AspenTech

Reactor operations continue to be critical for today’s refineries, but reactor simulation solutions have traditionally been difficult to use and maintain. The problem is magnified as experienced engineers and operators retire at a faster rate.

Join experts from AspenTech as they demonstrate how Aspen Hybrid Models™ work with Aspen HYSYS® process simulation to help a new breed of refinery teams: 

  • Reduce operational risks and uncover improvement opportunities with unparalleled accuracy in reactor simulation
  • Save up to 50% the time and effort required to maintain reactor simulations using AI
  • Eliminate dependency on expensive third-party consultants as in-house engineers maintain simulations


Learn how you can leverage the latest innovations in reactor simulations to improve operations, reduce emissions and drive profitability.

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Unleash the Potential of Your Naphtha Steam Cracker
3 May 2022

Sponsor: Honeywell

The global ethylene market grows at 3.0-3.5% annually, which amounts to 6-7 MM MTA increase in demand every year.  Greater than 95% of ethylene is produced using steam cracking.  The two of the main feedstocks for steam crackers are naphtha and ethane with each supplying >45% of all ethylene production.  Ethane cracking tends to have lower Cash Cost of Production, supply is regional and insufficient to meet the global ethylene demand.  Naphtha cracking has several disadvantages: high feed stock cost, lower ethylene yields and a large number of by-products with a wide range of values.  So how can the efficiency of naphtha crackers be improved?

Join us to learn more about how Honeywell UOP’s newly launched Integrated Olefin Suite of technologies (IOS) helps to:

  • Increases profitability from naphtha cracking operations to improve competitiveness.
  • Increases light olefin production (ethylene and/or propylene) even when feedstocks are constrained.
  • Increases, decreases, or eliminates steam cracker by-products (e.g., butadiene, butenes, benzene).
  • Facilitate an economic transition from fuels to petrochemicals.
  • Maximize production of light olefins from high-priced bio-naphthas.
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Navigating the Sustainability Shift in Capital Projects
27 April 2022

Sponsor: AspenTech

With an intense focus on decarbonization to achieve net zero, Engineering, Procurement & Construction firms (EPCs) and their clients will need to reallocate capital to take advantage of this new opportunity, raising questions such as:

  • What sustainability areas will projects concentrate on most?
  • How are companies organizing to react?
  • What are the challenges?
  • What are the opportunities?

These are just a few of the questions that we asked your peer companies in an online survey to better understand the strategies and actions decision makers are taking to successfully navigate the energy evolution and circular economy. Within the next five years, 60% of respondents believe that over 40% of their work will be in the sustainability area. The hottest project areas are in energy efficiency, carbon capture and hydrogen economy. In executing these new projects, the biggest barrier cited by 44% of the respondents was building a staff with the right domain expertise; the second largest barrier cited was the economics of the projects themselves.

Please join our panel as they discuss all of the survey findings and provide their unique insights. There will be a Q&A session following the event.

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Mastering Hose Selection in Oil and Gas Operations
20 April 2022

Sponsor: Swagelok

Hoses may seem like straightforward components but choosing the right one for your applications is not always easy. Not all hoses are created equal—even hoses of similar construction—and hoses must be carefully matched to applications. Hoses will often fail or wear prematurely if they are not well suited for an application, and even properly selected hoses can fail if installed incorrectly. Hose failures are unfortunately a very common source of equipment downtime and can create significant safety risks, so it is important to treat hoses as critical equipment and handle their selection accordingly. In this webinar, we will teach you how.

Attend this presentation to learn:

  • How proper selection and installation can significantly increase hose life and reduce safety concerns within your facilities
  • Strengths and weaknesses of various hose types
  • The importance of proper hose routing and how to do it correctly
  • Why differences in hose construction techniques matter
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Turbomachinery Control for Efficient, Safe, and Reliable Operations
13 April 2022

Sponsor: Honeywell

Around the world, companies must find ways to increase plant availability and get the most out of assets, while also dealing with smaller workforces and lower budgets. Plant safety and productivity depend on turbomachinery performance; failures and unplanned outages with this equipment can result in lost production and costly repairs. The utility industry and other industrial fields are now moving away from the monopoly of “proprietary black box” providers in favor of innovative solutions that enable plant operators to understand and maintain a single, integrated control solution, as opposed to several disparate systems.

Today’s turbomachinery control technology for turbine governor and compressor anti-surge applications must provide faster system response, higher availability, and full standardization. Systems like Honeywell’s Experion® PKS Turbomachinery Control Solution allow end users to increase asset reliability, improve energy efficiency, and enhance machine safety by changing how turbines, compressors, generators, and other equipment are managed with process automation systems to address crucial operational challenges.

This Webinar is focused on:

  • Holistic overview of Turbomachinery and control offering 
  • Superior alternative by Honeywell to purpose-built proprietary turbine and compressor control solutions 
  • Unique integration capabilities for turbomachinery applications and benefits 
  • Customer use cases to show benefits
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How Heide Refinery Maximizes Middle Distillate Profitability with Dynamic Optimization
5 April 2022

Sponsor: AspenTech

As one of Europe’s most complex refineries, Heide Refinery looked to optimize its entire middle distillate system to maximize product quality and reduce giveaway. Given recent market volatility, Heide planned to further improve its operational agility to respond faster to changing conditions.

To achieve these goals, the refinery implemented a closed loop, multi-unit dynamic optimization solution that minimizes the gap between planning, scheduling and actual operations. More specifically, unit operations and routings in the middle distillate were modeled to allow Aspen GDOT’s™ real-time optimizer to provide targets for the underlying APC applications, resulting in more consistent, efficient production.

Join experts from Heide Refinery, Applied Manufacturing Technology and AspenTech as they share insights on the solution. Learn how Aspen GDOT enabled them to:

  • Accelerate and simplify production target implementation
  • Coordinate multiple unit operations and automate APC targets
  • Precisely control significant blend component qualities
  • Reduce quality giveaway of blend components
  • Gain real-time estimates of process variables in streams and intermediate pipes/tanks

See how Heide achieves optimal blended production with minimum giveaway. A live Q&A session will follow so please come prepared with your own questions.

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Boost Worker Productivity, Competency And Transform Operations
9 March 2022

Sponsor: Honeywell 

As industrial organizations look past the pandemic and into the future, they have a unique opportunity to re-evaluate how they operate and make the best use of their most valuable asset: Workforce. Connecting workforce skills and competency directly to intelligent operations enable industrial organizations to optimize productivity and drive higher efficiency for every task. 

Join this session to hear about :

  • How Honeywell tools, solutions can help reduce skill gaps, enhance worker performance, and meet operational goals. 
  • Detailed overview of the end – to – end program and how it can equip you to create a resilient workforce for the future
  • Quick demo of our VR training tool  
  • Customer use cases and benefits 

The program is built around your people. Our consultative process is role-based and results-driven, tailored to meet your specific objectives.

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Managing Asset Health by Combining Behavior Patterns with FMEA
1 March 2022

Sponsor: AspenTech

As it relates to asset reliability, Failure Modes and Effect Analysis (FMEA) is a process to identify potential failures in a system as well as their causes and effects. By combining predictive maintenance technology with FMEA tools, companies can associate causation with known failures and their suggested FMEA remedies – leading to earlier intervention, minimized equipment damage, fewer process interruptions and improved production yields.

Join AspenTech’s Mike Brooks and John Campbell to understand how ‘Smart’ FMEA combined with Aspen Mtell® predictive maintenance can help you:

  • Detect and mitigate issues early to avoid production losses Improve maintenance planning by connecting
  • Mtell alerts to known FMEA codes
  • Monitor process and machine sensor data to identify new failure signatures and anomalous behavior for improved asset health

Register now to learn how today’s leading companies are combining traditional FMEA and machine learning for holistic asset health management.

There will be a Q&A session following the event. We encourage you to join the conversation by submitting questions during registration.

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