Profiting from IIoT - How the Industrial Internet of Things can help senior management recover revenue buried in plant assets
1 November 2016

The IIoT is arriving ahead of schedule and executives the world over are wondering just what it means for their bottom line. This new white paper from Schneider Electric discusses how optimizing control over increasingly intelligent and connected assets can increase profitability by: Boosting productivity, Speeding time-to-market, Heightening data visibility, Improving energy management, and Maintaining cybersecurity.

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Wireless Gas Monitoring­—The emerging solution for improving plant safety
26 October 2016

Industrial processes that involve toxic and combustible gases can create serious health hazards if the gases escape into the air. To minimize the risk to personnel and plant safety, plants typically rely on wired gas detection systems for early warning. But, these older systems require expensive infrastructure and seldom cover all potential leak areas.

This paper discusses how advances in wireless communications and battery technology have led to gas monitoring that can significantly increase your coverage area and the safety of your workers, gather and report data — all with minimal financial expense.


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Reach New Heights: Six Best Practices in Planning and Scheduling
7 October 2016

These 6 best practices have created millions of dollars in value for many global companies.  Learn how these best practices, including analyzing your solution for robustness and using scheduling collaboratively to manage operational disruptions, can make your plant more reliable and profitable.

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How Fouling Abatement Solutions Can Unlock Millions of Dollars Per Year From Your Reactor
7 October 2016

There is an increasing awareness in the industry that refiners can substantially improve the profitability of their hydroprocessing reactors by installing the latest-generation reactor internals. However, the importance of taking steps to prevent foulants from reaching those trays and internals is often underappreciated. Fouling of catalyst beds causes unwanted pressure drop increases that limit the performance of many hydroprocessing units. The resultant issues can include short run lengths, unplanned downtime costs, unused catalyst activity, increased maintenance and lost revenue. The fouling challenge is complex and depends on the type of feed, the upstream processing and the unit operating conditions.

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Five Best Practices for Refineries: Maximizing Profit Margins Through Process Engineering
4 October 2016

Operational inefficiencies have a direct impact on a refinery’s bottom line. With advancements in process simulation technology, these inefficiencies can be addressed. By utilizing the latest innovations, refiners can streamline their workflows and provide a more accurate analysis of the refining process. Learn the five best practices used by experts that can optimize refinery operations and maximize profits.

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Pressure Relief Device Monitoring: How to Comply with Environmental Agencies and Detect Device Malfunction
28 September 2016

EPA regulation 40 CFR Parts 60 and 63, due to release in the fall of 2015, targets pressure relief devices (PRDs) such as pressure relief valves, pressure safety valves and rupture disks. Are you interested in cost-effective compliance, with no plant or process interruption? Find out how Emerson’s wireless PRD monitoring solutions give you continuous electronic monitoring for identifying pressure releases, recording the time and duration, and notifying operators immediately that a pressure release has occurred.

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Capturing APC Benefits from Secondary Units
7 September 2016

Advanced Process Control has been used for many decades on wide variety of major process units such as crude distillation units, Hydrocrackers, FCC, Hydrotreaters and Reformers. However, due to a lack of understanding of achievable benefits, shortage of APC resources and gap in APC technology, some organizations do not implement APC on secondary units, leaving significant benefits on the table.

This paper describes the benefits of implementing APC applications on secondary units to improve margins and help achieve operational excellence.

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Data Visualization and Analytics: Six Keys to Unlocking Operational Excellence
6 September 2016

Lingering production problems got you down? Automation can play a significant role in aligning and conditioning data so that users can quickly troubleshoot problems and make better, faster decisions to improve profitability. Take a look at this industry perspective to learn how you can reduce time required to prepare data, enable faster problem solving and drive data-based decisions.

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