Hydrocarbon Processing Integrated column-reboiler system stress and flexibility analysis approach In oil refineries and chemical plants, chemical reactions and separations take place in the distillation column. Optimization for the trigeneration of industrial waste Many corporations are moving toward sustainable operations for their processes. One alternative pathway to reduce fossil fuels consumption in a processing plant is through harvesting waste heat from industrial waste through combined heat and power (CHP), or what is commonly known as cogeneration or polygeneration. Advanced analytics solutions propel decarbonization and sustainability initiatives Industrial process manufacturers and refiners are facing a storm of disruptive challenges. First and foremost, calls to mitigate climate change have taken a central position and must be prioritized, driving the decarbonization efforts of industrial and manufacturing processes. Convection section cleaning approach achieves results at refineries worldwide Inefficient heat transfer in the convection section of a process heater is readily evident by an increase in stack temperature beyond design parameters. SATORP completes MENA region’s first conversion of used cooking oil into ISCC+ certified SAF SATORP, platform jointly owned by Aramco and TotalEnergies, has for the first time in the region successfully converted used cooking oil through coprocessing into ISCC+ certified SAF. Shipping industry lacks clarity on future clean fuels on path towards decarbonization The shipping industry lacks clarity on future clean fuels and regulatory systems which is holding back companies from replacing ageing vessels amid pressure to decarbonize faster. Saudi diesel imports from Russia, exports to Singapore hit records Leading crude exporter Saudi Arabia is maximizing refining profits by importing unprecedented amounts of cheap Russian diesel and in turn shipping record volumes to Singapore, where the fuel can achieve higher margins, shiptracking data shows. 2022 <em>HP</em> Awards Finalists Hydrocarbon Processing, the downstream processing sector’s leading technical publication for 100 yr, has announced the finalists for its sixth annual HP Awards, which celebrate innovative technologies and people that have been instrumental in improving facility operations over the past year. TotalEnergies Marine Fuels completes COSCO SHIPPING Lines’ first bunkering of marine biofuel TotalEnergies Marine Fuels has successfully completed the first refueling of a COSCO Shipping Lines containership with sustainable marine biofuel. This operation marks TotalEnergies’ first biofuel bunkering operation for a containership in Singapore. HP Flashback: Excerpts from the 1960s: Petrochemicals rise in prominence and new know-how in refining processes Petrochemicals rise in prominence and new know-how in refining processes