Hydrocarbon Processing PTT Global Chemical redefining maintenance with remote piping inspection robots PTTGC is refining the concept from Hackathon to innovate and enhance the efficiency of the Remoted Piping Inspection Robot system in factories, addressing issues and reducing costs. Case study: Causes and countermeasures of a wall tube leak accident by an SNCR solution of a CO boiler in an RFCC process Residue fluid catalytic cracking (RFCC) is a process that cracks heavy oil into light oil, such as gasoline, with zeolite catalysts. Hot or not: The future of thermal management Effective and efficient insulation solutions remain paramount for the chemical process, oil and gas, and petrochemical sectors. Enhance ethylene cracker radiant tube integrity through innovative robotic inspection The ethylene cracker plays a crucial role in the petrochemical industry, producing more than 200 MMtpy of ethylene globally, which is the major building block for plastics, synthetic rubber, lubricants and various chemicals. Henkel closes acquisition of specialized supplier for protective coating and sealing solutions Henkel has successfully completed the acquisition of the U.S.-based Seal for Life Industries LLC from Arsenal Capital Partners. Do not overlook the base when insulating hot storage tanks Hot storage tanks in petrochemical facilities, terminals and industrial sites globally house valuable and often volatile products, including organic liquids, raw materials, intermediate fuels and byproducts. Digital Feature: Enhancing ethylene cracker radiant tube integrity through innovative robotic inspection Radiant tube failure ranks as a primary cause of unplanned shutdowns in ethylene cracking furnaces. This article examines tube failures via carburization, along with a proprietary technology that provides comprehensive multi-aspect inspection data to mitigate ethylene radiant tube failures. Design considerations and decarbonization options for fired heaters As greenhouse gas emissions policies and regulations become more stringent, carbon dioxide emissions have taken center stage, with many nations targeting net-zero carbon emissions. Digital Feature: The perfect match: How to evaluate chemical resistance and fluid compatibility of materials Matching the right elastomer to an application is key to ensuring an o-ring's optimal performance and mitigating premature failure. Implement innovative corrosion management solutions for biofuel refining—Part 2 The production of carbon-neutral and renewable transportation fuels is growing rapidly, driven by the need to find feedstocks beyond fossil resources. Environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives—along with accelerated consumer demand for sustainable and carbon-negative fuel products—are also driving demand.