Hydrocarbon Processing Digital Exclusive-Flare system design: Liquid pockets in flare headers In this technical article, written by Saudi Aramco and Siemens Energy, the authors focus on areas where major benefits can be achieved early in the front-end engineering design (FEED) stage of flare header piping designs. Lummus, Ferroman partner to digitalize and decarbonize petrochemical furnace operations Lummus Technology and Ferroman announced an agreement for digitalization and decarbonization of petrochemical furnace operations and delivery of high-performance static process equipment. ClearSign Technologies receives burner contract for California (U.S.) refinery ClearSign Technologies announced the receipt of two purchase orders for detailed engineering of burners for a California refinery. Maintenance keeps refineries and petrochemical plants healthy The maintenance of industrial chemical plants is essential to protect and restore equipment, circuits and systems to enhance their function and provide efficient operations. Digital Feature: Enhancing ethylene cracker radiant tube integrity through innovative robotic inspection Radiant tube failure ranks as a primary cause of unplanned shutdowns in ethylene cracking furnaces. This article examines tube failures via carburization, along with a proprietary technology that provides comprehensive multi-aspect inspection data to mitigate ethylene radiant tube failures. Design considerations and decarbonization options for fired heaters As greenhouse gas emissions policies and regulations become more stringent, carbon dioxide emissions have taken center stage, with many nations targeting net-zero carbon emissions. A CFD study on the effect of operating an SMR furnace without one of the flue gas tunnels A A computational fluid dynamics study was performed on a theoretical reforming furnace to determine the comparative results of flow uniformity in flue gas tunnels with and without a standing tunnel in the outer position. XRG Technologies and BayoTech partner to design and build a next generation reformer furnace XRG Technologies and BayoTech announced a new partnership to design and build a proprietary high performance reforming furnace. Riding the dragon: Sulfur plant thermal reactor temperature measurement Of all the fundamental measured process variables, temperature is perhaps the most reliable. SABIC setting its sights on the electrification of ethylene production SABIC has signed an agreement with Coolbrook to assess Coolbrook’s Roto Dynamic Reactor (RDR) technology in support of decarbonizing ethylene production.