Hydrocarbon Processing Research and application of proprietary cold oil absorption technology in the recovery of refinery dry gases With the increasing shortage of global energy and resources, the recovery and utilization of refinery dry gases have become important topics of concern. Integrated column-reboiler system stress and flexibility analysis approach In oil refineries and chemical plants, chemical reactions and separations take place in the distillation column. Improving the sustainability of steam production Steam distribution systems are a vital part of process manufacturing because steam is a versatile means of delivering carefully controlled heat energy, usually via a heat exchanger. Lummus and NET Power sign strategic supplier agreement for heat transfer equipment Lummus Technology announced it has signed a Strategic Supply Agreement with NET Power Inc. to design and supply recuperative heat exchangers for NET Power's near-zero emissions power generation process. Design considerations and decarbonization options for fired heaters As greenhouse gas emissions policies and regulations become more stringent, carbon dioxide emissions have taken center stage, with many nations targeting net-zero carbon emissions.