Hydrocarbon Processing Research and application of proprietary cold oil absorption technology in the recovery of refinery dry gases With the increasing shortage of global energy and resources, the recovery and utilization of refinery dry gases have become important topics of concern. Transitioning to an electrified future As countries responsible for 75% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions set net-zero targets, oil and gas, chemicals and other energy-intensive process industries are under increasing pressure to decarbonize. Digital Exclusive-Flare system design: Liquid pockets in flare headers In this technical article, written by Saudi Aramco and Siemens Energy, the authors focus on areas where major benefits can be achieved early in the front-end engineering design (FEED) stage of flare header piping designs. Integrated column-reboiler system stress and flexibility analysis approach In oil refineries and chemical plants, chemical reactions and separations take place in the distillation column. Improving the sustainability of steam production Steam distribution systems are a vital part of process manufacturing because steam is a versatile means of delivering carefully controlled heat energy, usually via a heat exchanger. ClearSign Technologies receives burner contract for California (U.S.) refinery ClearSign Technologies announced the receipt of two purchase orders for detailed engineering of burners for a California refinery. Atlas Copco: Cut the carbon This article details Atlas Copco's Cut the Carbon solutions initiative and how they it is supporting decarbonization efforts around the world. Optimization for the trigeneration of industrial waste Many corporations are moving toward sustainable operations for their processes. One alternative pathway to reduce fossil fuels consumption in a processing plant is through harvesting waste heat from industrial waste through combined heat and power (CHP), or what is commonly known as cogeneration or polygeneration. Lummus Technology to provide proprietary heaters to Amiral petrochemical complex in Saudi Arabia Lummus Technology announced a contract award from Hyundai Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd. to provide eight proprietary Short Residence Time (SRT®) ethylene cracking heaters at SATORP's Amiral petrochemical complex in Saudi Arabia. Optimizing combustion processes for safety and efficiency Combustion processes are critical for producing heat and power in nearly every industry.