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Learn how a dividing Wall Column Maximizes LPG Recovery GTC White Paper
Challenges with Light Tight Oil
Increasing gasoline blending profits with process Reid Vapor Pressure measurements and automatic air saturation of the sample
LPG Export USA Market Whitepaper
El Caso del Entrenamiento Basado en Simulación en la Industria de Petróleo y Gas en América Latina
Benefits of utilising TDL technology for combustion furnaces and Process Heaters. Servomex White Paper
The Fast and the Furious: Advanced Planning Delivers Optimum Results Aspentech White Paper
Industry White Paper: Optimize Exchanger Design & Monitor Operational Risk Aspentech White Paper
Rapid New Controller Development via Adaptive Process Control at Eni Aspentech White Paper
The Advantage of Real Atmospheric Distillation Complying with the ASTM D7345 Test Method in the Distillation Process PAC White Paper
Industry White Paper: Optimize Energy with a Streamlined Workflow in Process Simulation Aspentech White Paper
Update: Early Adopters of Aspen Adaptive Process Control Aspentech White Paper
Profiting from Western Canada/heavy opportunity crudes Baker Hughes White Paper
Maximizing LPG Recovery from Fuel Gas Using a Dividing Wall Column GTC White Paper
Documentum Capital Projects: Using Document Control to Keep Your Projects on Track EMC White Paper
Managing Assets for Maximum Performance and Value EMC White Paper
Ethylene cracking uptime barriers: How rotary valve solutions extend uptime for ethylene production METSO White Paper
Improving and Optimizing Conceptual Designs: Why Integrated Modeling and Economics Achieves Better Processes Aspentech White Paper
Tank Blanketing Helps Keep Hydrocarbon Processing Facilities Safe Parker Balston White Paper

Analysis of Atmospheric Discharge: Qualitative and Quantitative Safety Screening
Smith & Burgess White Paper
Practical guide for Infrared Multivariate Quantitative Analysis in Petrochemicals MPR White Paper
The 5 keys to avoiding ethylene valve failures MPR White Paper
Hydrogen Sulfide Management: Mitigation options in petroleum refining, storage and transportation MPR White Paper


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