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CSNRI is your best resource for high-performance critical infrastructure solutions. Our composite construction and repair solutions have been deployed in 75 countries and include industry standard products such as Clock Spring™, A+ Wrap, Syntho-Glass® XT, Thermo-Wrap™ Inspectable, and DiamondWrap® composite products.

A Case Study on the Repair of a Vertical Knock-Out Drum

A 67” vertical knock-out drum suffered a system upset over three years ago resulting in a localized band of internal wall-loss near the entire circumferential dome weld. After performing initial defect assessments, it was determined that the pressure vessel could not operate at full capacity without suffering rapid through wall around the entire circumference. Additionally, the corrosion occurred beneath the lowest support meaning that a structural failure would result in the drum head detaching. To provide a short-term remediation, a composite repair system was custom designed for the operator to address the three primary concerns: through wall leaking, internal pressure containment and preventing dome separation. Three unique systems were combined and used to achieve a successful repair for over 3 years while a replacement drum was ordered for the next turn-around. This paper will highlight the flexible design capabilities of composite materials in addressing critical component repairs when Engineered appropriately.

Composite Repairs in High Temperature Environments Whitepaper

One area of focus for composite repairs has been around temperature capabilities, specifically for the use of composites to be effective at elevated temperatures such as those experienced in refining and chemical processing plants. Learn more about how the boundaries for composite repairs continue to be pushed as a result of extensive testing and field validation.

Composite Repairs and Harsh Chemicals TechTalk

Dealing with harsh chemicals in a process environment can be aggressive and detrimental to a composite repair system. Understanding the limitations and capabilities of chemical compatibilities and resistance of the system is a critical step to successful usage.