Cosman, E. C.

ARC Advisory Group,

Eric C. Cosman has over 35 years of experience in developing, delivering, managing and supporting operations information technology solutions in the process industries. During his career, his assignments and responsibilities have included process automation systems development, communications network design, functional and technical architecture design, and technology lifecycle management. He recently retired as an operations IT consulting engineer with Dow Chemical Co.

Define operational roles for industrial digital transformation

Cosman, E. C., ARC Advisory Group

The term “industrial transformation” is sometimes used to describe digital transformation in plants, factories, mills and other industrial environments.

Applying industry standards to address cybersecurity risk

Cosman, E. C., ARC Advisory Group

Cybersecurity standards and related practices contain valuable information for both asset owners and solution suppliers.

Automation Strategies: Expanding scope of automation events and alerts

Cosman, E. C., ARC Advisory Group

Detecting, reporting and responding to abnormal situations or events are important functional elements of a complete process automation strategy.

Automation Strategies: The benefits of safety lifecycle management

Cosman, E. C., ARC Advisory Group

Industry standards mandate safety lifecycle management (SLM). Most industrial organizations are aware of and comply with those standards.

HP Automation Strategies: A portfolio approach to operations IT solutions management

Cosman, E. C., ARC Advisory Group

The need for more automated and efficient operations has led end users to accumulate large and increasingly complex collections of operations-related information technology (IT) solutions.

HP Automation Safety: Ensure the safety and security of industrial control systems

Cosman, E. C., ARC Advisory Group

Process safety and cyber security are distinctly different disciplines, but there is now a growing realization within the downstream automation sector that they are related.