Gupta, M. S.

ARC Advisory Group, Burlington, Massachusetts

Mark Sen Gupta is a Senior Consultant at ARC, leading the coverage of process automation and automation supplier services. He also covers topics in process safety and SCADA. Mr. Gupta has more than 24 yr of expertise in process control, alarm management, SCADA and IT applications. He holds BS and MS degrees in electrical engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Automation Strategies: Looking to the future of process control staffing

Gupta, M. S., ARC Advisory Group

Technology is changing, and fast. Labor availability and skillset requirements are changing, as well. Process control personnel makeup and skillsets have evolved over decades of iterations. The process industries are challenged to continue to operate efficiently in an increasingly competitive environment.

HP Automation Strategies: New modular control architectures offer potential to increase end-user value

Gupta, M. S., ARC Advisory Group

With few exceptions, control architecture in the process industries has changed little over the past 40 years.

HP Automation Strategies: Control on the wire(less)

Gupta, M. S., ARC Advisory Group

Since the industrial revolution, process/industrial control had relied on tightly coupled systems to transmit control signals. Industrial plants have used “modern” control via wired electron..

HP Automation Strategies: The promise of cognitive computing

Gupta, M. S., ARC Advisory Group

The global hydrocarbon processing industry (HPI) has long been challenged with applying expertise consistently throughout the organization. Demographic trends and new technological advances promise to..