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O'Brien, L.

ARC Advisory Group, Dedham, Massachusetts

Larry O’Brien is the vice president of process automation at ARC Advisory Group, and has more than 20 years of experience working in the automation and consulting business. Mr. O’Brien has co-authored numerous reports at ARC, including the “Collaborative Process Automation System 2.0,” the “Distributed Control System Market Size and Forecast,” the “Control System Migration Survival Manual,” and the “Automation Supplier Provided Services Market Size and Forecast.” He also served three years as global marketing manager at the Fieldbus Foundation.

Automation Strategies: Next-gen automation services support operational excellence and reduce project cost

ARC Advisory Group: O'Brien, L.

Major suppliers are expanding their automation-related service capabilities from project and engineering services through services for operations and maintenance. This is happening partly in response to overall automation market conditions, but largely in response to evolving user challenges and requirements.

Automation Strategies: Identify challenges in alarm management

ARC Advisory Group: O'Brien, L.

ARC Advisory Group recently conducted a survey on practices and trends in alarm management in the process industries.

HP Control: What’s new with Foundation fieldbus—Part 1

ARC Advisory Group: O'Brien, L.

FOUNDATION fieldbus continues to increase its installed base in the hydrocarbon processing industry (HPI). The organization continues to develop the technology, making it easier to use, creating certi..

HP Integration Strategies: Future of the collaborative process automation system

ARC Advisory Group: O'Brien, L.  |  Woll, D.

ARC conceived the Collaborative Process Automation Systems (CPAS) in 2002 in response to DCS end users’ requests for us to provide a vision of how process automation systems should evolve. Client..

HP Integration Strategies: Procedural automation improves process plant performance

ARC Advisory Group: O'Brien, L.

Procedures govern the world of process automation. While we like to refer to the process industries as being largely "continuous," in actuality, process manufacturing is constantly in flux. Whether yo..

HP Integration Strategies: Control in the field enables high-availability control

ARC Advisory Group: O'Brien, L.

Replacing analog 4-20 mA technology with a digital network was a major driver behind developing FOUNDATION fieldbus technology. However, what really differentiates FOUNDATION fieldbus from Profibus PA..

HP Integration Strategies: Reducing cost through an integrated approach to power and automation

ARC Advisory Group: O'Brien, L.

Industry is the number one power consumer, yet, as a whole, it has a remarkably poor sense of how much power is being used at different times across manufacturing processes. In the HPI, many potential..

HP Integration Strategies: A good alarm management strategy

ARC Advisory Group: O'Brien, L.

The ISA S18.02 standard provides a much needed, standardized framework for implementing an effective and sustainable alarm management strategy in refineries, petrochemical plants and other process pla..

HP Integration Strategies: Fieldbus Foundation makes progress: part 2

ARC Advisory Group: O'Brien, L.

Part 1 of this column discussed the host interoperability testing program and the need for a host registration program. This part discusses other developments. Field diagnostics conform to NAMUR NE-1..

HP Integration Strategies: Fieldbus Foundation makes progress: part 1

ARC Advisory Group: O'Brien, L.

The Fieldbus Foundation has been making progress on several fronts that will help expand usage of the technology in both new plants and existing installations. New developments include a host registra..

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