Rio, R.

ARC Advisory Group,

HP Integration Strategies: Asset information management improves life cycle benefits for equipment

Rio, R., ARC Advisory Group

Traditionally, the various production management and asset management systems in the hydrocarbon processing industry (HPI) and other heavy industries resided in silos with separate management, archite..

HP Integration Strategies: 3D laser scanning delivers benefits in hydrocarbon processing facilities

Rio, R., ARC Advisory Group

Present 3D laser scanning (3DLS) technology can be used in many diverse applications; it assists in improving efficiency and quality, and reducing time-to-benefit. For discrete industries, 3DLS can sa..

HP Integration Strategies: Sustainability program management with EAM

Rio, R., ARC Advisory Group

Moving to a sustainable manufacturing model requires significant changes throughout the enterprise. Some HPI companies use a top-down approach in which senior managers set targets to which engineers a..