Bader, J.-M.

Axens, Rueil-Malmaison, France

Case history: Sasol’s optimization of the catalyst regeneration process for C5 isomerization

Advanced process control (APC) offers solutions to use full catalyst regenerator capacity safely and to generate substantial benefits. Significant yield increases and operating cost reductions can be ..

Use a systematized approach of good practices in pygas hydrogenation via APC

APC with inferential modeling was successfully applied to pygas hydrogenation units. The lengthening of the catalyst run length limits downtime for both the pygas unit and upstream units such as the steam cracker.

Use real-time optimization for low-sulfur gasoline production

As the main sulfur source in the gasoline pool, fluid catalytic cracker (FCC) gasoline cuts must undergo severe hydrodesulfurization (HDS) processing to achieve ultra-low-sulfur gasoline (ULSG) pool s..

Increase MTBE plant productivity

Applying advanced process control solutions enabled raising unit output without a major retrofit of existing equipment